Available on the Child Protection League Action Rumble or YouTube Channel, our CPL videos tackle the important issues of our day affecting our children.

Child Protection League: Who We Are and What We Do

An Overview 2022 (6 minutes)

Child Protection League 2013-2017 Highlights (2:35 minute video)

CPL Protecting Children 2013-2015 (5 minute video)

Cultural Marxists know they are in a war for your children, but do you? (40 minutes)
A must see video that explains Marxist history, identifying their key tactics and how to stand against them. (40 minutes)
by Bonnie Gasper, CPL board member

Vulgar Books (55 minutes)
Why are school libraries shelves filled with vulgar, sexually explicit and pornographic books? Why are parents who are trying to get vulgar content removed vilified and opposed? How did we get to this point and what can parents do about it.
Presentation by Bonnie Gasper, CPL board member

The Raging War Against Children (60 minutes)
Understanding the Psychological Warfare that has been unleashed against children and families.
PDF of Slides

Sexualizing Children in Schools and the Culture (75 minutes)
CPL presentation by Julie Quist in Winona, MN.

SHATTERED: Is Minnesota A Sanctuary State For Predators? (25 minutes)
Produced by Child Protection League, SHATTERED breaks the silence on Minnesota’s feeble sentencing guidelines for predators convicted of crimes involving child sexual abuse imagery.
Note: This video is not intended for children.

CPL School Board Q&A Panel (2:04 minutes)
Robust panel discussion on the duties and challenges facing school board members hosted by CPL. Moderated by DeEtta Moos, the panel includes Alex Newman, Diane Douglas, Julie Quist and Tanya Simons.

SEL, CRT & Equity (57 minutes)
Interview with Julie Quist discussing Social Emotional Learning, Critical Race Theory and Equity.

MN Education by Sustainable Development Networks (57 minutes)
Interview with Julie Quist
The Regional Economic Development Commissioners want your children… at the youngest possible age.
It is Brave New World in Minnesota. Yes, there is a plan for that and it does not include you.
For further information, see How ‘Equity’ Has Been Embedded in MN for Decades.

Transgender Indoctrination and “Don’t say gay” (90 minutes)
Interview with Derek Paul and Julie Quist
Julie Quist, chair of Child Protection League in Minnesota and Derek Paul, director of Identify Ministries in Florida discuss the harms of teaching children that their sex is different than gender, the resulting confusion in teaching that boys might be girls or vice versa and the harms to children’s development.

Meet Jayne Wahlberg: What is HERO part 1 (8:59 minutes)

How HERO Works, part 2 (13:03 minutes)

HERO: The Benefits and Challenges of Homeschooling, part 3 (15:34 minutes)
CPL Interviews Jayne Wahlberg, the administrator of Hero Home Educators Resource Organization.

Michele Lentz profile imageA Message from our CPL President, Michele Lentz
Speaking at a rally at the Capitol, Michele explains what is at stake for our children and their future, what Child Protection League priorities are and why it is important for you to be engaged.

The Invincible Liberty Conference
The information presented at our most recent conference is so important and valuable that we wanted to make it publicly available.

Quick links:

For more details, downloads, and the rest of the presentations including a MN legislative update, presentations by Representatives Lucero and Gossell including their panel discussion, and Cicely Davis on Critical Race Theory, go to Invincible Liberty Conference.

Seeds of Division (31 minute video)
How SEED diversity training planted the seeds of White Privilege, Gender Identity and Critical Race Theory that are dividing our culture and threatening our freedom.
presented by Barb Anderson

Why You Should Support HF226 & HF229 (35 minutes)
Stricter Penalties for Trafficking in Child Sexual Abuse Imagery
presentation by Will Krumholz
For further information, see Protect Minnesota’s Kids Act

CPL Investigates MN eLibary and Ebsco (25 minutes)
The MN ELibrary system uses Ebsco data search services. In this video, we demonstrate how ELibrary/Ebsco are not providing age appropriate searches to students as they claim.

Update: CPL Investigates EBSCO Database Ed Tech Products (14 minutes)
Update: CPL Investigates Gale School Database Ed Tech Products (15 minutes)

Distance Learning Tips for Parents (25 minutes)
interview with Jayne Wahlberg, administrator for HERO and Kelly Janssen, CPL board member

Drag Queen Story Hour (22 minutes)
a presentation by Barb Anderson
Education Policy Conference 2020

Jaco Booyens, producer of 8 DAYS
Jaco directed and produced the feature film 8 DAYS to raise awareness of sex trafficking in the US. In these CPL videos, he discusses the repercussions and dangers of CSE with Michele Lentz.

Is Your Child Really Safe? Educational Trends Shaping Our Future Conference
With this line up of speakers, you won’t want to miss a word!

Quick links:

For more details and the rest of the presentations including Dr. Robin Paterson, Michele Lentz, Barbara Anderson, go to Is Your Child Really Safe?

Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (CSE) (31 minutes)
presented by Barb Anderson
CSE is highly explicit and promotes promiscuity and high-risk sexual behaviors to children as healthy and normal. The ultimate goal of CSE is to change the sexual and gender norms of society. CSE is a “rights-based” approach to sex education and promotes sexual rights to children at the expense of their sexual health.

Webinar short clips:

A CSE Story: Monica Cline (19 minutes)
A former instructor of Comprehensive Sex Education trained by Planned Parenthood tells her story at the Education Policy Conference.

Understanding the CSE Legislation Process
presented by Julie Quist and Michele Lentz

The Justina Pelletier Story

CPL interviewed Justina to discuss their lawsuit, legislation (Justina’s law) and tips for parents.

Protect Kids Rally September 2019
Child Protection League held a Protect Kids Rally at the MN State Capitol. As word got out about legislation to mandate Comprehensive Sex Education in all MN schools, nearly 800 people showed up in solidarity against this harmful legislation.

Planned Parenthood Sexualizes Children in Minnesota, Alpha News MN coverage of Rally (5 minutes)

MN Legislative Briefing March 2019 (50 minutes)
discussion with Michele Lentz and Julie Quist
Many social engineering bills are being introduced this session in the MN legislature that affect our children and the direction of education. Be informed and contact your MN representatives. And for those of you in other parts of the country, these proposals could be coming to your state as well!

Topics: Constitutional Amendment, HF13; Mandated Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (CSE), HF1414; The ‘Bullying Bill’ reauthorized, HF1026; Prohibit Counseling for Minors, HF12; Home visiting and setting up a universal child care system, HF1

Webinar short clips:

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) (25 minutes)
presented by Barb Anderson
What is SEL and how is it affecting our children in our schools? Learn how teachers are taught to “map cultural values” and identify student’s “personal cultural values and preferences” and what this all really means for our children and our privacy.
Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Discussion (25 minutes)

The Proposed MN Baby Ed: Home Visits & Birth to Three (55 minutes)
interview with Linda French Bell from Advocates & Champions for Children (MACC)
The proposed MN bill creates the framework for the state to make home visits from before birth to age three. Learn about this bill, the grant programs and individuals/organizations pushing this initiative.
Great Start for All Minnesota Children Act, HF1, SF820 (PDF)
MN Home Visits: An Opportunity to Herd Our Children

Webinar short clips:

Transformational Education (37 minutes)
presented by Julie Quist
A simple to understand presentation on why and how our schools are being transformed and how it is affecting our culture.
Transformational Education Q & A Discussion (19 minutes)

Gender Fluidity and Other Fables (37 minutes)
A presentation by Barb Anderson
Do you know what is being taught in your schools concerning gender? Barb gives an overview of what students are facing in their classrooms.