A Toolkit for Ensuring Safe and Supportive Schools for Transgender and Gender Non-conforming Students was adopted by the Minnesota School Safety Technical Assistance Council (SSTAC) on July 19, 2017.

What is the Toolkit?

The SSTAC created the document to “assist schools” and offer “guidance” claiming these “policies” and best “practices” will ensure a safe and supportive environment for all students.

The Toolkit is inconsistent with state and federal law and has no legal ‘teeth’, yet it deliberately misleads schools by using strong language such as “must ensure”, “should”, “must provide” and so on. It was hidden from public scrutiny while it was being developed and created solely by radical gender activist groups. The best “practices” are false as there is no data supporting their effectiveness.

The Toolkit puts ALL Minnesota kids in harm’s way.

T Tramples on the Truth regarding biology and science and replaces facts with fantasy identities and invented pronouns. According to the Toolkit, students’ genders are no longer determined by their DNA but by their personal feelings. The Toolkit falsely claims that anyone failing to use a student’s preferred name or pronoun may be in violation of federal law.

R Relegates the Rights of parents to an inferior status. The Toolkit claims, “School is often the safest environment for transgender and gender nonconforming students” inferring that the home is not. Additionally, if the school staff feels the student is unsafe at home they are encouraged to report the possibility of “child neglect or harm”.

A Advocates mixing biological boys and girls in locker rooms, restrooms, showers, hotel rooms and on sports teams according to their perceived “gender identity.” This simply defies common sense.

S Segregates those students who object to sharing private spaces with gender-confused kids. The Toolkit states that school officials cannot stigmatize the gender confused or gender nonconforming student, but they can segregate the student who objects. This is reverse discrimination.

H Harms children emotionally, violating their privacy by allowing members of the opposite sex into their private spaces without their consent. It also harms schools by putting them in the middle of a massive social experiment, at risk of lawsuits, and creating hostile environments for most kids.


History of the Toolkit

Toolkit Part of the SSTAC Agenda
The SSTAC has been presenting to Minnesota administrators and teachers as “Best Practices” since soon after its inception in 2014 when the agency was created by the “Anti-Bullying” law.

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Take Action

  • Contact Information
    • Minnesota Department of Education
      phone: 651-582- 8200 – Commissioner Casselius mde.commissioner@state.mn.us
    • School Safety and Technical Assistance Center (SSTAC)
      Director Craig Wethington craig.wethington@state.mn.us
    • Members of SSTAC (PDF)
      Appointed individuals who will decide whether to accept the Toolkit
  • Alliance Defending Freedom and the North Star Law & Policy Center have issued this letter to all school districts in Minnesota to warn them about potential violations of students’ and parents’ constitutionally protected freedoms if they adopt state Department of Education guidelines issued last month via the agency’s Thought Enforcement Council (SSTAC).
    ADF Letter (PDF)
  • Thank the Minnesota School Board Association for their brave ‘no’ vote. They did the right thing, but are being hounded by activists for taking this stand. They need to hear from you. 507-934-2450, Facebook, or kschneidawind@mnmsba.org
  • Sign the Toolkit Petition (PDF) and make copies for others. Start a petition drive to gather more signatures.
  • Contact your school board members, school administrators and legislators to let them know you oppose any implementation of this Toolkit.
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