Social Justice Books-Teaching Revolution Through Literature

January 2020

A parent in a small, southern Minnesota school district was recently shocked to find that his 7th grade daughter was being introduced to known Communist agitators, violent activist groups, and Islam through a reading assignment sympathetic to each. The assigned book, Brown Girl Dreaming, was an autobiographical poetic-style story of a [Read More]

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Dayton Appointees Insert Mandatory ‘Social Justice’ into Teacher Licensing

February 2018

Dayton Appointees Insert Mandatory ‘Social Justice’ into Teacher Licensing

Should ‘Social Justice’ ideology be mandated for all public & non-public teachers?

Newly appointed members of a new MN teacher licensing agency are overriding legislators to force an extremist ‘social justice’ agenda on teachers and classrooms. Newly formed Professional Educators Licensure & Standards Board (PELSB).

New [Read More]

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