Outrage Over the Richfield 3Rs Sex Education Curriculum

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Last month, informed and concerned parents exposed a sexually explicit and morally bankrupt sex education curriculum during a Richfield, Minnesota school board meeting. Called the 3R’s; “Rights, Respect and Responsibility,” the harmless sounding title “deliberately” deceives parents, as one testifier charged. Parents read the [Read More]

Mandated Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (CSE)

April 6, 2019

Legislative Session 2019
HF1414 / SF2065

Mandated CSE Handout (PDF)

What does the Minnesota’s Comprehensive Sexual Health Education (CSE) Bill do?

  • The MN Commissioner of Education must identify a model comprehensive sexual health education program for K through 12 and provide it to all schools, including written materials, curriculum resources, and training [Read More]
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