Minnesota State High School League Policy on Gender Inclusion

March 2017

Recent news stories have reported that a Coon Rapids High School girl, a member of the boys’ swim team and who also self identifies as a boy, is asking the Anoka-Hennepin School Board for the right to shower and change with the boys and use their bathrooms. This situation has brought back into the forefront confusion about changes the [Read More]

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Gender Radicalism

gender-radicalism“Gender Radicalism” is a powerful and toxic cultural mandate sweeping through our schools, our government and our civil institutions. It claims full moral authority over our children, subverting the very knowledge of biology and freedom of conscience, exposing them to great physical, emotional, and mental harm.

What is Gender Radicalism based on?

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Legislature Says NO to Student Physical Safety & Privacy

May 21, 2015

Legislature Says NO
to Student Physical Safety & Privacy

The Minnesota House and Senate passed their 2015 Omnibus Education Bill early this week, failing to provide the necessary physical protections that would have been afforded by requiring schools to provide separate bathroom, shower and locker room facilities between biological boys and biological girls.

Last April, on a [Read More]

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HF546, The Student Physical Safety & Privacy Act Was NOT Passed

April 27, 2015

Contrary to news you’ve been hearing, the Student Physical & Privacy Act, HF 1546, was not passed as an amendment to the Omnibus House Education Finance bill last Saturday, April 25th, on the floor of the Minnesota House.

No roll call vote!

What passed the House last Saturday was [Read More]

You Are A National Movement!

March 28, 2015

As the public is only just waking up to the dramatic and militant drive to redefine the meaning of male and female, more states are faced with protecting the physical privacy and safety of children. Minnesota, Kentucky, Missouri, Nevada, Texas, and Florida are addressing the same concerns. Other states, like Hawaii, are contending with the extreme sexuality [Read More]

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Week at a Sweep!

WeekAtASweepMarch 21, 2015

THANK YOU” for calling Members and asking them to protect our students’ physical privacy and for working to protect girls’ sports!

THANK YOU” for your many emails and calls of support to us. CPLAction is comprised of mostly volunteer warriors sending out emails, creating graphics, collecting lists, researching, reading legislation, etc. [Read More]

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