Eroticizing the Classroom

July 2015

Protect Your Kids!

Dr. Judith Reisman, in her article, Abusive Charms: Eroticized Classrooms Target the Most Vunerable (PDF), states:

Among the new resources brought into the classroom as part of the federal education standards known as Common Core are materials that, but for the obscenity exemptions, would be illegal to provide to children. For example, per Common [Read More]

The Bullying Bill & It’s Perfectly Normal: The Connection

Governor Dayton’s Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Prevention of Bullying Task Force Report is the guide to understanding the meaning of the carefully crafted words in the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act (HF 826). This report includes language that opens the door to emotionally damaging, sexually explicit curriculum for all school-age children regarding human sexuality.
The Governor’s Prevention of Bullying [Read More]

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