Helping Others Understand the Dangers of the Covid Shots

Government entities, like the CDC and the FDA, continue ignoring ‘the science’ and mountains of evidence which show the covid shots are harmful for children and people of ALL ages. They are not “safe and effective” …they look unsafe and ineffective.

These entities continue resisting full transparency and refuse to publish or release their own safety data. Researchers have only gained [Read More]

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Evidence the Covid Injections Cause Great Harm

December 13, 2022

We are approaching 3 years since the early Covid hysteria. Data is pouring in that these injections are extremely dangerous for children and adults.

On Wednesday, December 7th, Senator Ron Johnson – R (WI) held a 3 hour roundtable requesting testimony and data from preeminent doctors, whistleblowers, attorneys, analysts, and vaccine injured people. All have been censored for [Read More]

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The CDC Voted to Make Covid Shots Part of the Childhood Immunization Schedule

October 22, 2022

Read through the information about the vote and then take action on the What can you do right now? steps.

Thursday, October 20, the CDC Advisory panel voted unanimously (15-0) to include Covid 19 injections in the recommended childhood vaccination schedule. While this vote is a ‘guideline’ and does not mandate state compliance, the childhood vaccination schedule has historically [Read More]

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