Final Legislative Results of the Bullying Bill

After 12 hours of debate the House passed HF 826 by a vote of 69 to 63. Two Democrats, Rep. David Dill and Gene Pelowski, crossed party lines and joined with the Republicans in voting against the Bullying Bill. Consistent with last week’s vote in the Senate, the vote in the House demonstrated bi-partisan opposition rather than bi-partisan support for [Read More]

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A Defining Moment For Our Kids

December 2015

Almost overnight, “gender fluidity” has been ‘normalized.’ “Gender fluidity” is an aggressive and radical concept that denies biology. It claims that binary genetic ‘male’ and ‘female’ are false and oppressive identities and are merely assigned at birth. It claims to liberate people by allowing them to choose their gender, to be male and female or neither. Gender extremists claim [Read More]

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