Patriot Story Hour Kits

Our kits, for a donation of $30 plus shipping, are available at our events or by contacting us. Get one of our kits or make your own from our resources!


You are the host of your story hour. Child Protection League is not in any way affiliated with, cohosting or sponsoring Patriot Story Hour. You are hosting as a member of your local community, not on behalf of CPL.


Printed in either color or black and white, these 8.5 x 11 Patriot Story Hour flyers can be displayed in various locations to promote your event.

Patriot Story Hour Flyer 1 (PDF)

Patriot Story Hour Flyer 2 (PDF)

Patriot Story Hour Flyer 3 (PDF)


The invitations, six to a sheet, can be cut and handed out to individuals, at events or wherever you would like to promote your Patriot Story Hour.

Patriot Story Hour Invitation 1 (6 to a sheet) (PDF)

Patriot Story Hour Invitation 2 (6 to a sheet) (PDF)


In developing the Patriot Story Hour Kits, we researched many patriotic books. Our Patriotic Children’s Book List (PDF) provides additional books that would be suitable to read to 4-9 year-olds.

Social Media

The images (in jpg format) can be used to post on social media to promote your Patriot Story Hour event. We have images sized for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; however, many of these could also be used on other platforms such as Truth Social, Gab, etc.

Note: Click link and a new page will open with the image. Right click the image and either copy or save the image.


The following are suggested activities that can be used with your Patriot Story Hour Kit.

    • Flag Folding Activity

Illustrations including the meaning of the folds. Folding Instructions (PDF)

Individual handouts, 6 to a sheet. Handouts (PDF)

  • Songs

  • Coloring Sheets