Parents and concerned citizens have confronted school boards across the country over “social justice” ideology integrated into school curriculums. We offer information to help you stand up in the battle against these radical policies.

School Boards – The Key

Whether it is Critical Race Theory, equity, Project 1619, Comprehensive Sex Education, transgenderism or other controversial curriculum, the new strategy is to push these agendas at the local level, to children as young as kindergarten. Instead of class time focused on reading, writing and arithmetic, these radical ideas are being taught and often integrated into every subject. Teachers are trained by “experts” in these radical agendas and then expected to teach them to the children.

Find out what your district is teaching. Learn how parents have taken action and successfully changed their school district’s policies.

Please note that the New MN Teachers Licensing Standards will require teachers to incorporate into the instruction these basic Marxist principles and practices into all Minnesota schools.

Child Protection League is here to assist you when we can. Would you help keep us informed of local activity when you or your group engage with your school boards and communities? We can work together! Let us hear from you at Contact Us.


How to Request Public Information

It is your right to view public records. Your schools should allow you access to curriculum, surveys used, teacher training offered, etc. If you are having difficulty being allowed to see the school records, submit a request to your school board. (called the Freedom of Information Act or FOIA)

Sample Letters

Use these samples for ideas on writing your own letter to your school board. Collaborate with others. Send Letters to the Editor with your concerns to reach more people.

Be Familiar with the Issues

The CPL website can be a go to resource! A few quick references:

Speaking Up

In Minnesota

  • Sex-ed curriculum used in Richfield schools asks students to role play gay sex scenarios
    Parents exposed the comprehensive sex education, 3Rs (Rights, Respect Responsibility), at the Richfield school board meeting. In just one of the many lessons, straight students are asked to role play as gay and transgender characters navigating sex scenarios. Read the article and view the testimony for a better understanding of the inappropriateness and danger of this curriculum.
  • Do Better FCPS
    It started with a petition and now a web presence to hold Fairfax (Delaware) County Public school leadership and school board members accountable.

Around the US

Becker School Board example of the opposition and indoctrination of students in our schools

On March 14, 2022, Betsy Armstrong and Chris Klippen along with Julie Quist of CPL attempted to give a presentation to the Becker School Board as a balance and counterpoint to an 80-minute presentation OutFront had given to the Becker School Board a few months previously. The event was interrupted by disrespectful students and came to the attention of the media, nation-wide. They reported misinformation and at no time did any journalist call or interview CPL before blasting their same rhetoric from one report to another.
No Other Side, To Our Pride.