The number of policies that we live under is astounding. CPL follows and addresses policies in line with our mission to protect children from exploitation, indoctrination, and violence.

Public Policies

    • Minnesota Legislative History 2016-2023
      CPL has been instrumental in support and opposition to specific legislation that affects children and their families. Many legislative bills are successfully adopted or defeated but then pop up again in new sessions in following years.

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  • Title IX Sex Discrimination Rules

CPL hosted Eileen O’Connor, representing the Network to Stop Title IX Biden Regulations, to give a briefing on the intent of Title IX, the implications of changing the definition of sex to gender identity and what to do.
Recorded Briefing: A must watch!
(54 minutes with Q&A)

YouTube video link

Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments was written to ensure that “no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” The US Department of Education appears set to use Title IX as the legal authority for creating a new prohibition against discrimination on the basis of “gender identity.”
Draft Policy (regulation begins on page 651)

    • What is a Woman? Handout (PDF)
      This handout explains succinctly the ramifications if Title IX is changed. It was NOT intended to be applied on the basis of gender identity. Print and pass out this handout so others are aware of the consequences if these changes are made.
    • TITLE IX: The Transformation of America
      Save has an extensive list of the attorneys general, lawmakers, organizations, and commentators who have come out in opposition to the draft policy.  CPL signed on to this list as well.
    • Coalition Letters
      • Coalition Letter May 26, 2022 (PDF)
        Child Protection League joined a coalition of 27 organizations through Parents Defending Education to send a letter to Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona expressing concerns with a forthcoming rewrite of Title IX sex discrimination rules.

      • Title-IX Coalition Letter May 10, 2023 (PDF)
        Sent to Dr. Miguel Cardona, Secretary of the Department of Education, from 41 national and 31 state organizations of the Title IX Network, and 34 state lawmakers, who have expressed their deep concerns with the upswing in the threats of violence, and incidents of actual violence by transgender activists.
  • School Choice
    School choice sounds attractive and alluring but is it really the best path to educational freedom or could it be a trap?  Vouchers Skekels to Shackle (PDF) explores this issue with each chapter written by a different author.
  • The Church and Politics
    Church leaders who want to educate their members about civic issues, particular legislation and viewpoints, may be receiving false information from activist groups who are attempting to silence them with threats of losing tax-exempt status. Equip your church leaders with this important legal background from The Pacific Justice Institute.
    The Church and Politics: What Ministers and Churches Can Do to Affect Public Policy (PDF)

School Policies

  • Transgenderism
    • How Schools’ Transgender Policies are Eroding Parents’ Rights (PDF)
      The increasingly common practice of rushing to “affirm” and facilitate a transition at school without informing parents, and even refusing to follow their wishes, runs directly against a strong body of case law recognizing parents’ constitutional right to raise their children.
    • The Trevor Project
      At many schools, the student ID cards and other sources of student information must provide contact information that goes to the 988 Suicide & Crisis LifeLine which often links to the Trevor Project which in turn directs students to resources and groups that promote transgender surgeries, gender spectrum ideology, Planned Parenthood, and CRT-based organizations. The Trevor Project is a pipeline to transgender surgery.
      Read more details in the Beware “The Trevor Project” – It’s not what you think it is article.
  • Protection of Rights
    • Legal Codes
      • 20 U.S. Code § 1232h
        This US code protects the rights of students in conjunction with parents.  As we battle for parental rights, this code may be of importance.
      • 18 U.S. Code § 2252A
        Certain activities relating to material constituting or containing child pornography.
  • School Boards are the Front Lines
    School boards are often the gate keepers for the school districts. The new strategy of those pushing radical agendas to “fundamentally transform our nation” is to do so locally, through our children. Local community leaders are often hostile to the values and virtues of the family.

Parents are beginning to rise up! They want reading, writing and arithmetic – not lessons on Critical Race Theory, equity, gender identity, to name a few. Learn ways you and your community can make a difference at the school board level!
on our School Boards—The Key page.

Minnesota is full steam ahead implementing the racial quotas in school discipline in schools throughout the state. Upon recommendation of the Federal Commission studying school safety, acting U.S. Attorney General Whitaker rescinded the Obama-era “Racial Equity in School Discipline” directive that disregarded federal law and subjected public-school students to two-tiered discipline based on race. In October of 2017, the MN Department of Human Rights (MDHR) sent a letter to 43 school districts informing them that they have a “racial discipline disparity” in violation of the MN Human Rights Act. Unless they entered into a “settlement agreement” with the state, they would file charges and investigate them for civil rights violations.

  • Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Equity
    Schools are integrating Critical Race Theory (CRT) and equity into all aspects of curriculum, even math! Is your child being exposed to this detrimental theory?

According to Britannica, CRT is the view that race, instead of being biologically grounded and natural, is socially constructed and that race, as a socially constructed concept, functions as a means to maintain the interests of the white population that constructed it. Read more details on this hot topic at Critical Race Theory and Equity.

  • History of Significant Policies
    Policies of the past follow us into the future. These policies continue to have repercussions today.
    • MN State High School League (MSHSL) Transgender Policy
      The issue of transgender was addressed by the MSHSL in 2014 which, as predicted, opened the door for girls’ sports teams to biological males. The Child Protection League was active in sounding the alarm. Take a look at the ads CPL produced that are just as relevant today and read the history about this policy at MSHSL Transgender Policy.
    • The Bullying Bill
      Anti-bullying was never the real purpose of the “Safe & Supportive Schools Act” commonly called the Bullying Bill. Anti-bullying was the pretext used by powerful forces to import, mainstream, and normalize a “social justice,” politically driven agenda.

This law established an entirely new “School Safety Technical Assistance Center” (SSTAC) within the Department of Education, presumably to stop bullying. In reality, it promotes a politicized diversity including, for example, teaching multiple genders, teaching Islam, normalizing boundary-free sexual behaviors and social emotional learning.