In this section, we share information about some of our Child Protection League activities both past and present. CPL has been involved with issues that started with the Bullying Bill and have continued ever since as we fight the indoctrination in our schools and in our culture to help protect our children. We hope these resources will educate and motivate!

Trapped: Chaos in the Classroom

Sheila Qualls of Alpha News has created a MUST SEE 5-part podcast series. You will be shocked. You will be outraged.  And you will find out what must be done to stop it.

All episodes are posted at Trapped: Chaos in the Classroom by Alpha News.

CPL Webinars and Presentations

A source of information on various topics for parents, teachers, grandparents or anyone interested in protecting children. Our webinars and presentations are available on Rumble and Youtube. For a fast chronological listing, see CPL Webinars and Presentations.

If you have a topic you would like CPL to address in one of our webinars, please let us know at Contact Us. We would love to hear from you!

CPL Conferences

Renowned speakers focused on hard-hitting issues that children and parents face in our culture today have highlighted our CPL conferences. The topics remain timeless.

  • Invincible Liberty Conference
    Speakers: Alex Newman, Kimberly Ells, Katherine Kersten, MN Rep. Matt Grossel and Rep. Eric Lucero, Cicely Davis.

CPL Past Projects

Over the years that CPL has been in existence, we have tackled many issues. Below is a good reference as well as historical documentation to many of those past projects.

  • The Dr. Judith Reisman Award

As a tribute to Dr. Reisman (1935-2021), the Child Protection League has established the Dr. Judith Reisman Award that is given to demonstrated, remarkably heroic adversaries for children.

Marlene Reid
Our first Dr. Judith Reisman Award was presented to Marlene Reid who has been a strong advocate for children’s issues. After meeting Dr. Judith Reisman, Marlene continued to spread the vital work of Dr. Reisman to the grassroots. Marlene stands as a pioneer building the foundation for our continued fight for the welfare of our children.
View the Article and Photos from our 2021 award presentation.

  • Protect Minnesota’s Kids Act
    CPL has been in the forefront in the effort to get tougher sentencing guidelines and identify predatory offenders that included producing the Shattered documentary.
  • Bullying in Our Schools
    The Safe & Supportive Minnesota Schools Act known as the Bullying Bill was passed in 2014. This is when the Child Protection League was formed as concerned parents and community members came together to fight against the passage of this bill.  Anti-bullying was never its real purpose. It was the pretext used by powerful forces to import, mainstream, and normalize a “social justice,” politically driven agenda.
  • MN State High School League Transgender Policy (MSHSL)
    Child Protection League was in the heat of the battle over this issue sending out email alerts, running ads, engaging government officials and seeking support from the community to oppose this legislation. The MSHSL made its controversial transgender policy in 2014.
  • Parental Rights
    • Anmarie Calgaro Case
      Minnesota Mom Sues Over Usurpation of Parental Rights
      This collaborative project provided support for legal action to block government agencies from exploiting children by stripping responsible parents of their lawful rights and authority over their children.
    • The Justina Pelletier Story
      Justina’s story is one of governmental tyranny. CPL interviewed Justina to discuss the lawsuit, legislation (Justina’s law) and tips for parents.