CPL has been instrumental in support and opposition to specific legislation that affects children and their families. Below is a brief history of the legislation in which CPL has been involved over the years.

2023 Legislation

2023 MN Legislative History (PDF)

  • Education Omnibus Bill HF2497
  • Health & Human Services Omnibus Finance Bill, SF2995
  • Additional Legislation Affecting Children
    • Gender
    • Abortion
    • Hate Speech Database

2022 Legislation

Child Protection League focused on the following bills in the legislative session 2022.  The information included the bill numbers and whether CPL supported or opposed the bill and why. HF=House file; SF=Senate file.
CPLAction Legislative Update 2021 Handout (PDF)

Obscenity Exemption to Prohibit Obscenity in Schools Act
Support HF232 and SF1609
This bill removes the K-12 school exemption to the MN obscenity statute. The exemption currently permits schools to use obscene materials if they are considered “educational.” This bill would remove the school exemption and entitle parents to file civil lawsuits and recover damages for displaying and disseminating obscene material which is deemed harmful to minors according to statute.

MS 617.291 Section 1, subdivision 2: “It is in the best interest of the health, welfare, and safety of minors that dissemination of sexually explicit written, photographic, printed, sound or published material are deemed harmful to minors.”

Digital and Online Library Database Resources for K-12 Students
Support HF467 and SF1016
Parents, legislators and most school board members are unaware of how easily students can access porn and obscenity through their laptops and chrome books. This bill requires K-12 school online research database services to BLOCK access to porn and other obscene materials as defined in MN statute. Most K-12 schools use the MN eLibrary (ELM) that use databases such as EBSCO and GALE. These databases link to porn and obscenity on their platforms bypassing school filters. Only the database provider can filter content. This bill also states that database providers who fail to BLOCK this access constitute a breach of contract and payment for their services can be withheld.

Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE)

Oppose HF358 AND SF632
This is the same legislation passed by the MN House (HF1414) in 2019 which mandated comprehensive sex education (CSE) in every MN K-12 public/charter school. CSE removes all natural and protective boundaries for children and teens, encouraging early sexual exploration in graphic detail. CSE uses pornographic illustrations and graphic descriptions to teach children as young as 10 that all ‘consensual’ sexual activity is their right. It also normalizes all gender identities and permits unlicensed organizations such as Planned Parenthood (PP) into the classroom. PP already teaches 4th graders that oral, anal, and vaginal sex are “normal” as is masturbation alone or with others.

Constitutional Amendment for Education
Oppose HF874 and SF2563
Note: The senate bill is authored by Senators Michelle Benson, Jeff Howe and John Hoffman)

This bill has hidden agendas that basically hands over much of the authority over education from the legislature to the state which includes departments of the executive branch and the courts. In our Republic, the legislature determines policy, not the executive or judicial branches. This bill essentially extends MN state government constitutional authority over education of “all children;” requires state to adopt “uniform achievement standards” to define “quality” for all children.

The bill numbers may have changed but the content and our opposition to these bills remain the same as in 2019-2020 legislative sessions. Read our testimonies in opposition to this Constitutional Amendment for Education.

Equal Rights Amendment

Oppose HF726, HF727 AND SF342
This bill is presented as an “equal rights” constitutional amendment but would recognize an unlimited number of gender identities, including no gender and gender fluidity. Gender would no longer have a fixed definition; erasing the meaning of male and female. It would affect family law, adoption law, health law, athletic policies, public and private spaces across all civic, corporate, private, educational and religious organizations by enshrining all gender identities as equal under the law. There would be NO EXCEPTIONS to a new constitutional right. It would especially erase the bodily privacy and physical safety of women and children by giving biological males the ‘right’ to invade their locker rooms, showers, bathrooms, sports, and dressing rooms.

The question that will be submitted to the people for a vote shall be “Equal Rights Amendment,” however; it isn’t equal rights for women. In reality, it is a “Gender Spectrum Equality Amendment.”

➤  Protect Minnesota’s Kids Act
(Stricter Penalties for Trafficking in Child Sexual Abuse Imagery)
Support HF3881, SF3894

Called the Protect Minnesota’s Kids Act (PMKA), the bills mirror federal penalties for production, distribution, receipt and possession of child sexual abuse imagery. The bills also require criminals to register as predatory offenders and allow public access to their criminal histories. The bills give law enforcement officers more resources to combat child predators; especially those who are trading these images online.

Child Protection League has produced SHATTERED, a documentary about this issue and these bills. Please watch the 25-minute video at The Protect Minnesota’s Kids Act, read the information and help us get these bills passed!

Defining Male and Female

Support HF1657
The proposed bill would define “male” as a person with XY sex chromosomes and “female” as a person with XX sex chromosomes and prohibits male students from participating in elementary, high school, and post-secondary female-only sports teams. It requires restrooms, locker rooms, dressing rooms, shower rooms, and any other facility or setting where a student may be in a state of undress to be designated female only or male only. Violators would be guilty of a petty misdemeanor.

Talk Therapy Ban – Prohibit Counseling for Minors
Oppose HF2156 and SF1871

Under the negatively charged misnomer “Conversion Therapy,” this bill would criminalize any professional counseling to minors who are struggling with sexual identity issues unless that counselling affirms the child’s gender identity dysfunction. This bill is an aggressive authoritarian attack on freedom of speech protected in the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution; it is a massive intrusion into families and parental rights; and it criminalizes the free exercise of a person’s religion, a fundamental right protected by the first amendment.

Parental Rights
Supports SF2909

It is a fundamental right of a parent to direct the upbringing, education and care of their minor children. Schools have been withholding information from parents about their own children. This bill would give rights back to the parents to direct the upbringing, health, well-being, mental health and education of their children.

2020 Legislation

Because of the COVID19 virus, legislators basically spent the session on all things related to the pandemic. Many of the issues will most likely come up in future sessions that CPL had been following.

Constitutional Amendment SF 3977 (House file 3658)

This constitutional amendment, SF 2977 introduced in 91 st Legislature (2019-2020), extends MN state government constitutional authority over education of “all children;” requires state to adopt “uniform achievement standards” to define “quality” for all children. Please read the following information and contact your legislators.

Resolutions Introduced at MN 2020 Caucuses

Why bother attending caucuses and submitting caucus resolutions? To protect kids! Here’s why:

  • We elect delegates who will endorse candidates who fight for our kids!
  • We educate our neighbors by introducing, discussing, and voting for resolutions to the party platform that protect kids, and
  • When we stand down in the political process, we are ceding the field to those who ignore the culture war on our children!

Resolutions introduced at many local MN precinct caucuses.

Mandated Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE)

In 2019, the MN House Bill HF1414 was passed by House Democrat majority that mandated Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) in every MN school district. CSE proponents have promised to keep the pressure on to force this mandate on all preK-12 public and charter school students in the State of Minnesota and beyond.

CPL held a statewide Protect Kids Rally (PDF) on September 22, 2019 to send a message to legislators to protect our children from this forced school mandate! We had nearly 800 concerned parents and citizens from throughout the state including some of our MN legislators.

We must stand together in full force! Watch for updates as the 2020 legislative session progresses. Sign up to receive our newsletters using the form Receive Email Updates.

Drag Queen Story Hour HF4323

Libraries throughout MN as well as the US have scheduled Drag Queen Story Hours as an activity for preschool children. This Bill would basically take funding away from libraries who continue to hold these events.

Gender Identity Proposal, MN Department of Education

The MDE has a proposed plan to expand their definition of gender beyond male and female.
Commentary by Barb Anderson

2019 Legislation

➤ Mandated Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE), HF1414

MN House Bill HF1414 was passed by the house majority that mandated Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) in every MN School District. Although it was defeated in the Senate, CSE proponents have promised to keep the pressure on to force this mandate on all preK-12 public and charter school students in the State of Minnesota. Siecus and Planned Parenthood plan to mandate CSE in every state in the nation. Governor Walz’ deadline for the end of session forced an agreement to include only those provisions that everyone had already agreed to.

The process was confusing to everyone involved, and all agreements were made by the Speaker, the Senate Majority Leader, and the Governor. In the end, the conference committees didn’t vote on the final omnibus bills. Democrats said they bring policy back in 2020 that wasn’t addressed this session. That includes CSE.

  1. CPL letter to Legislators (PDF)
  2. Stop Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE)

➤ School Safety Technical Assistance Center (SSTAC)

The effort to delete the June 30th SSTAC sunset provision failed. The Walz administration said it will re-establish the SSTAC in 2020. Part of a result of the Bullying Bill, the SSTAC is the infrastructure for development and training. In the meantime, the Minnesota Department of Education will continue with the program of the SSTAC without the formal structure.

The Toolkit to Ensure Safe and Supportive Schools for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students was passed in 2017 by the SSTAC, this unelected, governor appointed Minnesota Department of Education committee despite strong opposition from parents and the public. It’s not just about bathrooms and locker rooms. It’s about indoctrination into a dangerous gender ideology. The pronoun mandate is the most dangerous part of
The Toolkit Agenda.

➤ Great Start for All Minnesota Children Act, HF1, et al
This MN bill creates the framework for the state to make home visits from before birth to age three.

  1. MN Baby Ed: Home Visits & Birth to Three Webinar Articles
  2. Alert! MN Home Visits: An Opportunity To Herd Our Children
  3. Minnesota’s Next Frontier: Birth To 3 Education “Great Start For All”
  4. MN Pushes Baby-Readiness For The Workforce As Means For Infant Education

➤ Conversion Therapy Ban – Prohibit Counseling for Minors, HF12
This bill would have prohibited minors who are questioning their sexual identity from receiving counseling that would help them live consistently with their biological sex. In 2019 HF12 was passed by the DFL majority as part of an omnibus Health & Human Services Bill. The Republican controlled Senate refused to include the language in the final bill, however. HF12 is supported by Governor Walz.

  1. Therapy Ban Fact Sheet 1
  2. Therapy Ban Fact Sheet 2 (PDF)

➤ ERA Constitutional Amendment, HF13
The Equal Rights Amendment, to substitute gender for sex, did not receive a hearing in the Senate Judiciary committee, thanks to Committee Chair Senator Warren Limmer.

2016 Legislation

“Safe Bathrooms” Bill Introduced

Representative Gruenhagen (R-Glencoe), Senator Newman (R-Hutchinson) with 43 House and four Senate co-authors introduced legislation that seeks to protect the privacy, modesty and safety concerns of the public. This legislation (HF 3396/HF 3395 and SF 3002) does the following: [Read our email update.]

Liberty Counsel analysis of HF 3396 – SF 3002

Download here.

Why We Need a “Safe Bathrooms” Bill

A Rape Survivor Speaks Out About Transgender Bathrooms

Don’t they know that insurance companies highlight locker rooms as a high‐risk area for abuse that should be carefully monitored and protected? …Why would people knowingly invite further exploitation by creating policies with no safeguards in place to protect them from injury? With zero screening options to ensure that biological males who enter locker rooms actually identify as female, how could a woman be sure the person staring at her wasn’t exploiting her? Why is it okay to make her wonder? [Read more here.]

Charlotte, NC’s Open Bathrooms Ordinance leader resigns upon revelation he is a convicted predatory pedophile sex offender.

“No one who is a convicted sex offender should be leading a campaign to allow men to be in women’s bathrooms and showers,” she said. “It’s just common sense.” The most controversial part of Charlotte’s expanded nondiscrimination ordinance would allow transgender individuals to use either a men’s or women’s restroom. If the person identifies as female, they would be allowed to use a women’s restroom in places of public accommodation. [Read more here.]

Boycott Target

Child Protection League Action Press Statement
On Monday, May 16th, CPLAction, together with LifeSiteNews, launched a #FlushTarget travelling billboard campaign at a press conference at the St. Paul Capitol. Basic privacy and safety are the right of every human being, male and female. Read the CPLAction press statement. [Read more here.]