Alex Newman

Internationally renowned journalist, founder of Liberty Sentinel, author of Crimes of the Educators
Keynote Presentation: Transformational Education
PowerPoint in PDF

A jaw-dropping case for why parents must get their children and grandchildren out of public education NOW. Using their own words, through documents, video clips, and an extensive paper trail, Alex demonstrated how the United Nations and elites around the world have been transforming all cultures, including America, into their plan for a socialist utopia. By denying science, Judeo-Christian values, precepts and law, they are transforming the hearts and minds of our children to bring about their New World Order. Like all tyrants and dictators throughout history, they recognize that fundamental transformation of a society is more successfully achieved from the inside…. but only if they can reach and ‘teach’ the children.

Find more information at Public School Exit, co-founded by Alex Newman.

Alex submitted a glowing article in the Liberty Sentinel, Invincible Liberty’ Summit Celebrates Family’s Role Resisting Tyranny, following the conference.

Kimberly Ells

Author of The Invincible Family and frequent writer for The Federalist
Presentation: The Invincible Family
PowerPoint in PDF

Our CPL Store has Kimberly’s book, Invincible Family, available for purchase.

Kimberly gave a compelling and powerful presentation on the importance of the family that has been uniquely designed to stand against the destructive teachings and ideologies constantly bombarding our children. She demonstrated how totalitarian governments target the family, the most powerful defense of freedom. Through her work at the United Nations (UN), she exposed the agenda to erase motherhood, fatherhood and the family through gender equality initiatives. The chambers of the UN may seem miles away from your child’s classroom; however, Kimberly demonstrated the direct correlation with schools on the federal, state and local levels.

Kimberly was featured on the Tucker Carlson Today broadcast (60 minute video) as well as in an article/interview, It’s Still True: The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Rules the World.

Katherine Kersten

Center of the American Experiment
Presentation: State of Public Education in Minnesota and the Proposed Social Studies Standards

“Woke” politics, Critical Race Theory and the proposed Social Study standards are turning MN classrooms into indoctrination centers. Radical racial identity politics in all subject areas are quickly replacing reading, writing and arithmetic. The MN Social Study standards are filter history through the lens of how major historical events impacted indigenous and minority people groups. Historical context is gone. American institutions and Western civilization are presented as irredeemably flawed, unjust and racist. Children are taught that skin color makes victims or victimizers, oppressed or oppressors.

Julie Quist

Child Protection League Board Chair
Presentation: Briefing on CPL 2021 Legislative Update
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CPL legislative issues at a glance

  1. OPPOSING any Comprehensive Sex Ed mandate for PreK-12 schools.
  2. SUPPORTING stricter penalties for predators convicted of receiving, possessing, producing and/or distributing violent, sexual rape and abuse imagery of minors, children and infants. Minnesota is currently one of the WORST in the nation in putting these predators behind bars. Our sentencing guidelines are incredibly lax.
  3. REQUIRING school online database providers to BLOCK children’s access to pornography
  4. REMOVING the Minnesota Obscenity Exemption which allows schools to use obscene materials with children if the materials are considered “educational.”
  5. OPPOSING the Minnesota Equal Rights Amendment which recognizes an unlimited number of gender identities and erases the biological and provable definition of male and female.

Details on the CPL website under Legislative Issues and Bills 2021.

Minnesota Rep. Matt Grossell and Rep. Eric Lucero

Presentation: Eric Lucero
Presentation: Matt Gossell
Panel discussion with both representatives

Each legislator provided detailed accounts of what is taking place this legislative session. The panel discussion helped clarify the issues and what we can do to protect our children

Although Rep. Grossell has authored two bills that mirror federal penalties for predators
convicted of trafficking in child sexual abuse imagery involving large collections of the rape, brutalization, and torture of children as young as toddlers, the committee chairs have not scheduled hearings on either. Protecting children from this kind of violence should be a rallying cry for both sides of the political aisle, yet few steps have been taken to address the problem.

Cicely Davis

State Director of BLEXIT, MN
Presentation: Critical Race Theory
(we apologize for the technical difficulty in the quality of this audio)

Cicely addressed Critical Race Theory (CRT) as false, unbiblical, and in itself racist because it divides Americans against each other based upon melatonin! The message of CRT is especially insulting because, as a black American, she is required to accept that she is a perpetual victim — oppressed, different, and unable to succeed on her own simply because she is black. She encouraged all attendees to stand firm against CRT, call it out for what it is, and to forbid it from taking root in our schools and churches.