For some families, distance learning presented a real opportunity to take that plunge and start schooling at home. This means pulling your children out of the public school system or possibly out of private schools. You have an opening to ‘reimagine’ your family’s education and choose to continue educating at home.

Reasons to Homeschool

The Homeschool Revolution (PDF)
Minnesota families are ditching public schools and finding homeschooling is a challenging but fulfilling alternative. Katherine Kersten explains the reasons why in her article.

Get Out Now (6-minutes)
Compelling reasons homeschooling is a good choice.

While it is understandable to feel inadequate or unqualified, we hope you will see homeschooling as an amazing opportunity to be your children’s primary educational influence; discovering, teaching, and discussing what they are learning through the lens of your family’s values, principles and beliefs.

We’re confident you and your children are going to discover far more together than you anticipated and will find the whole experience exciting rather than scary. We also hope you will experience a marked difference in your children’s overall well-being. You may be finding your children are more rested, refreshed, and able to take the breaks they need when they need them. Many children will be relieved to be free of the peer pressure and social situations at school.


Many content-rich classes are offered through homeschool co-ops and other organizations. We hope the following list of online resources and suggestions will be helpful to you. There are tons of resources available outside of the public schools.

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions or suggestions.

Homeschool Laws

Homeschool Conferences and Associations

Getting Started

Curriculum, Books and Supplies

Curriculum by Subject
The Arts





  • Elementary Reading List (PDF)
    An excellent selection of books for first to sixth grade compiled by the Logos School in Moscow, Idaho.
  • Great Books List (PDF)
    A classic literature for Kindergarten through high school compiled by the Charlemagne Institute.
  • Booklist by Subject
    A choice of good books to read aloud or independently from Read Aloud Revival.
  • Rated Books
    A searchable database of books that have been reviewed and rated.
  • List of Representative Great Books (PDF)
    A selection of college level books from Hillsdale College.
  • Turbo Reader by Phyllis Schlafly
    User-friendly book designed to help anyone (adults, children, non-English speakers) to read, or to become a better reader.

Sex Education

Activities, Field Trip Ideas

Online Classes (full scope of subjects)

Encouragement and Teaching Philosophies