Wokeism ideologies are permeating not only our culture but also indoctrinating our children in the classroom. So many facets of education are being added such as The Whole Child and School Based Health Centers that have nothing to do with teaching children to read, write and do math. CPL addresses and exposes their true agendas. 


“Woke” is the term used to explain an awakening to issues of race, gender, and sexual injustice. Basically, it is a movement that is Marxist. One of the characteristics is in the use of language and changing definitions. Marxist concepts are invading our classrooms whether it is through Social Emotional Learning, Critical Race Theory and Equity, Comprehensive Sex Education and more.

  • Preserving Culture – Reclaiming Country (50 minute video)
    CSE, SEL, CRT? What’s behind all this dangerous education policy? Watch to find out where it all comes from and how to defeat it.
    presentation by Michele Lenz, CPL president
  • Glossary of Terms

The Whole Child

The Whole Child Design Principles are the next big step in transforming our communities into Woke indoctrination. Every place a child learns in and out of school will push the Woke agenda of Critical Race Theory, Queer Theory, social justice and more.  Find out where your state stands on the whole child at State Policy Library.

School Based Health Centers

Investigation Reveals Gender, Abortion Services Masquerading as Health Centers in K-12 Schools

“Often housed inside of a school, SBHCs feature staff who range from certified nurses to medical doctors and psychologists. While such programming may seem innocent at first glance, the lack of guardrails on these programs – combined with the existence of parental exclusion policies and low medical age of consent in many states – means that in practice, students can access life-altering treatments without the knowledge of family members.” From the detailed Parents Defending Education Report including organizations supporting SBHCs, state-by-state list of schools and questions parents can ask their school. Is your school implementing or planning SBHCs?

SBHC Parents Defending Education Summary (PDF)

Transformational Learning

Julie Quist explains what Transformational Learning is and how this model has transformed our schools into what they are today. Much of the curriculum pushed in our schools – Common Core, Social Emotional Learning, Welcoming Schools, gender identity, social justice and now Critical Race Theory – has its roots in this transformative educational model. Quist explains in this webinar the model and how it has been implemented in our schools one step at a time!

Transformation Education Webinar (37 minutes)
Transformational Education Webinar Questions and Comments (19 minutes)

Alex Newman gave a fast paced, jaw dropping presentation on Transformational Education at our Invincible Liberty Conference. (60 minutes)

SEED Diversity Training

Is your school district using the SEED training program for K-12 educators? Under the banner of equity, diversity, and multiculturalism, SEED has been training teachers in the K-12 educational system across this nation since 1987!  SEED, which stands for ‘Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity,’ planted the seeds for Critical Race Theory, equity, anti-Americanism, and pro-sexual diversity indoctrination we are witnessing today in our schools.

How many of your district’s teachers have been through this diversity training program? Ask them, even if you need to access it through an Open Records Request (PDF). SEED training is ‘continuing education,’ usually funded at taxpayer expense. Gain a better understanding of SEED through the resources below.

Seeds of Division (31 minutes)

Warning: AVID is the new SEED, just using a different name, often distributed via Sourcewell.

School Internet Filters

EBSCO, GALE, MN ELibrary, Sora
If your children are being directed to sign into any of these search engines, be extremely vigilant. Parent groups across the country have documented how easy it is for children to access porn using these databases.

Parents must learn to use their children’s student ID numbers to look inside all of the school’s electronic portals. Sometimes the school has generic passwords that can be used so parents don’t leave a footprint in their kid’s portal.

  • TexQuest GALE (PDF)
    Written for TX, but easily modifiable per state. GALE databases are the same all over the country (not customizable) so the table of obscene terms/publications compiled are applicable in every state.
  • Single Sign On for EBSCO using Clever
    EBSCO says; “The risks associated with the use of unsecured passwords…can all be mitigated through SSO,” The reality is that Single Sign On (SSO) limits the ability of parents or concerned taxpayers to see what’s in the databases, e-books, surveys etc, that are being offered to students via a “secure” electronic portal.
  • Sora: How Kids Are Exploited through Their Public School
    What would be illegal as “curriculum” is generally exempted from library rules. Sora is a popular student library that is a perfect example of an online library exploiting kids. It makes its money off your children hyperlinking them to all sorts of unwanted and unknown sources.

Minnesota Teacher Licensing

Teachers must demonstrate a Marxist worldview to obtain their teaching license. The new standards will require teachers to incorporate into the educational instruction basic Marxist principles and practices such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), fluid sexual identity, gender politics and more.

Go to Teacher Certification Standards for links and details including our recent article Unmasking Minnesota’s Teacher Certification Standards by Allen Quist.

Bullying in Our Schools

The Child Protection League was created by parents and community members in opposition to the Bullying Bill called the Safe & Supportive Minnesota Schools Act that passed in 2014. Anti-bullying was never its real purpose. In reality, it promotes a politicized diversity including, for example, teaching multiple genders, teaching Islam, normalizing boundary-free sexual behaviors and Social Emotional Learning. Learn more at Bullying in Our Schools – how you can report bullying in your school and the historical background of this law. For a quick overview, refer to the Political Gender Ideology Timeline in MN.

School Counselors—Sources of Indoctrination

The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) is training school counselors to indoctrinate children towards CRT and the transgender cult. This is taken directly from their schedule of sessions as part of the ASCA No Limits 2022 Conference.

“It is an ‘expectation, not the exception’ for school counselors to integrate multiculturalism and social justice perspectives into their work as advocates and leaders.” – ASCA 2021 position statement

ASCA trains school counselors to hide students’ sex and gender preferences from parents. They also partner with radical organizations such as GLSEN and bring in GSA clubs in K-12. These organizations advocate for:

  • Pronoun and/or name changes to be hidden from parents.
  • Transition closets in the classroom without parental knowledge.
  • Sexually explicit books made available to students.
  • Transgender topics to be introduced in elementary school.

“Counselors are being taught not to be objective and neutral with their clients, but rather to view the emotionally vulnerable people who come to see them as opportunities to imprint and spread “Social Justice” ideology. In this video I provide shocking examples of the current state of counselor training at an American university.” Antioch University Counseling Whistleblower (8 minute video)

What can you do?

  • Do not allow your child to have any sessions with school counselors without your presence.


Is homeschooling right for your family? Perhaps during the coronavirus crisis, you found that schooling your child from home was a better alternative for your family.

Whether you are contemplating a decision to homeschool or need some basic where-to-get-started help, find information and links at our Homeschooling Suggestions and Resources page.

Get Out Now! (6 minute video)
Happening now in Minnesota! Compelling video from Protect Our Kids.

  • Public School Exit
    The mission of this organization is to facilitate an exodus of American children and families from government-controlled education by educating the public and helping families. Alex Newman, executive director, spoke at our CPL Invincible Liberty Conference.

Educational History

  • Common Core
    Common Core curriculum was adopted as the national standard during the Bush administration with opposition. Common Core has not accomplished the intended goal and, in fact, has gone in the opposite direction. But no worries, it has been replaced with more educational “innovations” that are producing similar negative results.
  • MN State High School League (MSHSL) Transgender Policy
    The issue of transgender was addressed by the MSHSL in 2014 which, as predicted, opened the door for girls’ sports teams to biological males. The Child Protection League was active in sounding the alarm. Take a look at the ads CPL produced that are just as relevant today and read the history about this policy.

The SSTAC created the document to “assist schools” and offer “guidance” claiming these “policies” and best “practices” will ensure a safe and supportive environment for all students. The SSTAC was created in 2014 soon after the passage of the Bullying Bill to provide leadership to Minnesota administrators and teachers on “Best Practices.”

  • Islam in the Schools
    Although under the radar in recent years, many schools continue to teach the tenants of Islam under the guise of diversity – teaching about diverse cultures. However, Islam is a religion centered around their god, Allah, that is adhered to in many different nations or ethnic groups. Teaching Islam is teaching about religion, no different than if Christian tenants and prayers were recited in the classroom.