As a tribute to Dr. Reisman (1935-2021), the Child Protection League has established the Dr. Judith Reisman Award to be given to demonstrated, remarkably heroic adversaries for children.

About Dr. Judith Reisman

Dr. Judith Reisman established the Reisman Institute and authored numerous articles and books of which Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences is her most famous that exposed Kinsey’s fraudulent research. Dr. Reisman spent her career fighting for children.

The Dr. Judith Reisman website summaries her life’s work as “, researcher, educator and expert witness, exposing fraud in sex science and education since 1977.” She will be memorialized as a pioneer in exposing the sexualization and sexual exploitation of our children rooted in the lies of the Kinsey report.

In A Personal Odyssey (PDF), Dr. Reisman describes her journey into what became her passion and career. Her extensive Curriculum Vitae (PDF) speaks of what this amazing woman accomplished in her lifetime.


Dr. Judith Reisman Tribute in Pictures (5 minute video)

Dr. Judith Reisman Award Recipients

Marlene Reid 2021

Child Protection League was pleased to announce our first Dr. Judith Reisman Award presented to Marlene Reid at a special awards evening in Marlene’s honor. Read Marlene’s interesting auto-biography including photos from the event.

Marlene first met Dr. Judith Reisman at a conference and became an immediate fan for what Reisman was doing to expose Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s fraudulent research and its effect on sex education that was being pushed in the school system. Through conferences, workshops, letters to the editor and whatever means available, Marlene continued to spread the vital work of Dr. Reisman to the grassroots. Marlene stands out as a pioneer building the foundation for our continued fight for the welfare of our children.