CPL encourages you to evaluate the content of the curriculum in your child’s classroom. Look for basic ideologies being taught within that curriculum – even math! We have compiled a list of buzzwords and concepts we call ‘red flags’ that indicate the material has an underlying bias that your child may be exposed to.
Tips for Spotting Curriculum Red Flags


Be aware of what books your child is required to read at school and the books they check out from school and public libraries. You may be surprised and even shocked!  Many are gender ideology related or are so vulgar the books can’t be read at school board meetings yet are available to school children.

Go to our dedicated Books Page where we have a growing list of books to help you discern what is appropriate and what is not.  We also include our CPL sponsored preschool books written by Barbara Anderson, a CPL board member.

New: Emily Drabinski has been elected to serve as the American Library Association’s (ALA) president for the 2023-2024 term. Emily Drabinski is a radical, self-avowed Marxist and queer activist. Read her writings and comments in the Research Memorandum (PDF) compiled by American Accountability Association.

Porn: In Your Child’s School Library (12 minutes)
How to remove pornographic books from your school library.
presented by Diane Smith

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social-Emotional Learning Explained by James Lindsay (12 minutes)
“… a psychological grooming mechanism used to open up children through “social” and “emotional” means to Woke Marxist ideology and praxis. It is clinical psychology practiced without a license in uncontrolled, non-therapeutic spaces on groups of children with no mental disease. It is a data-mining scheme used to probe our nations’ children so they can be better propagandized in the future.”

Find more details on our Social Emotional Learning Page.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Equity

CRT and equity, aligned with Marxist doctrine, are infiltrating every aspect of our American culture. Parents are waking up to this indoctrination taking place in our schools in nearly every subject area, including math!

CRT and equity are very similar in their ideology and end results. Did you know that equity has been embedded in MN for decades through regional, unelected governance, and non-profits that have infiltrated every aspect of MN society from commissions to schools explained in our email update on the subject.

From PragerU, James Lindsay explains in this short 5 minute video, What is Critial Race Theory?

Go to Critical Race Theory and Equity for a one stop shop of information, resources and ways to stand against these harmful theologies. Don’t delay!

Gender Fluidity Curriculum

Gender Ideology is infiltrating our schools with pronoun directives, LGBT+ books read to elementary children and so much more.

  • No Other Side To Our Pride
    When CPL and local residents made a presentation to the school board, student protesters demanded to shut down any other information that didn’t agree with gender fluidity.
  • Gender Fluidity and Other Fables (37 minutes)
    Presented by Barb Anderson
    Do you know what is being taught in your schools concerning gender? This video gives an overview of what students are facing in their classrooms.
  • Gender Ideology in Pictures
    This ideology is taught to your grade school children through “cute” pictures! First there was Gender Gumby Lesson Exercise for Gumby (PDF). Then it was the Genderbread “person”, next it was the Rainbow Unicorn and now, for those older kids and teens, the Gender Tree. Teachers are being trained to reconstruct sexuality and harm children by confusing them about the biology of boys and girls. Please be aware and check out your Opt Out options.


gender unicorn

gender tree

Sexuality Education Curriculum

Sexuality education, commonly called sex ed, is being taught even to elementary age children in conjunction with gender ideology. CSE comes in various forms of curriculum and from various organizations.

  • Sampling of Sex Education Curriculums
    Find out what curriculum is used in your schools then check for harmful elements using our Evaluating Sex Education Curriculum forms.

    • Positive Prevention Plus Curriculum
      Stop CSE does a good analysis of the curriculum for upper elementary and middle school levels including a research summary.

To learn more of the extent of sexuality education in our schools, visit our dedicated page Sexuality Education that includes shocking material like It’s Perfectly Normal.

The 1776 Report vs The 1619 Project

The previous administration developed the 1776 Commission which produced The 1776 Report to “enable a rising generation to understand the history and principles of the founding of the United States in 1776 and to strive to form a more perfect Union.” The report summarizes the principles of the American founding and how those principles have shaped our country with the goal of teaching these principles within our institutions.

The current administration on Day One rescinded this commission and replaced the curriculum that rewrites our history with the Pulitzer Center’s The 1619 Project. Learn about The 1619 Project in this 5 minute PragerU video, What’s Wrong with the 1619 Project?

Welcoming Schools

A bullying prevention program for elementary children that is designed by Welcoming Schools to force approval of homosexual behavior and reject parental authority. Main themes of the program are name-calling and bullying, gender stereotyping, and family diversity.