Many of our CPL Materials are made available at our tables during presentations and events; however, feel free to make copies. Our webinars and presentations are rich with educational content on a variety of topics especially related to school and curriculum. Past projects offer insight into what CPL has tackled in the past as well as legislative history that explains why we are dealing with some of these issues even today.

Patriot Story Hour Kits

Want to engage and make a difference? How about holding a Patriot Story Hour for children 4-9 years old in libraries, community centers or other locations. Our kits are available for a $30 donation plus shipping or use our Story Hour resource page to make your own kit! Go to Patriot Story Hour.

CPL Materials

Cultural Marxism

Critical Race Theory

Comprehensive Sex Education

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Kids & Covid

Gender Identity

Regional Governance


Reference Materials

CPL Organization

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Trapped: Chaos in the Classroom

Sheila Qualls of Alpha News has created a MUST SEE podcast series. You will be shocked. You will be outraged.  And you will find out what must be done to stop help stop the Chaos in the Classroom.

Season II

Season I

All episodes are posted at Trapped: Chaos in the Classroom by Alpha News.

Lost in Trans Nation Book Review Series

A series of chapter reviews of the book, Lost in Trans Nation: A Child Psychiatrist’s Guide Out of the Madness by Dr. Miriam Grossman, reviewed by CPL Board Member Barb Anderson.

CPL Conferences and Events

Renowned speakers have addressed many hard-hitting issues at our CPL conferences and events. The topics remain timeless.

Additional Speakers: Michele Lentz, President of CPL; John Daley, invocation, pledge; Renee Doyle, introduction of James Lindsay and recipient of the CPL Dr. Judith Reisman Award

  • Invincible Liberty Conference
    Speakers: Alex Newman, Kimberly Ells, Katherine Kersten, MN Rep. Matt Grossel and Rep. Eric Lucero, Cicely Davis.

The 12 Pillars of Freedom

The American Creed consists of the principles that form the foundation for the United States of America, including the foundation for its Constitution, its system of law, and its overall purpose and vision as a nation. The American Creed is stated in the first founding document of the United States, that being the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration contains 12 sentiments or principles called “The Twelve Pillars of Freedom.”

The American Creed (PDF) and Natural Law in American Culture and Government (PDF) with accompanying sample lessons plans.