In the coming weeks, the Biden Administration is poised to hand our national sovereignty over to the corrupt and unelected World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations which neither represents the interests of American citizens or our US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Nor is it accountable to anyone. The WHO operates outside of any nation’s justice system and is truly an elite cabal, crafting blueprints for one-world government and control. The current White House administration is a believer in one-world government. It is deeply disturbing that they are about to empower this United Nations agency to lead the charge to strip Americans and the citizens of all other nations of their right to control what goes into their bodies.

Parents have been warned about the dangers of the Covid19 injections. The Covid19 “pandemic” protocols exposed Americans to true tyranny. The forced jab mandates, closure of businesses, forced masking, closure of schools, censorship, vaccine passports, and the targeting of individuals and professionals who dared to challenge the narrative are just a foretaste of what the WHO supports.

In May, nation states are meeting in Geneva Switzerland to discuss consolidating all future pandemic responses and transferring the power of enforcement over to the WHO.

Please take a moment to visit this substack from James Roguski and use his links to submit your comments to the US Dept. of Health and Human Services Office of Global Affairs. Roguski also provides previous articles detailing their intentions to transfer American sovereignty over to the WHO. He has prepared a very important article providing all the relevant emails and contact information needed for the public comment period which ends in May. Please take this opportunity to use your voice! The matter is urgent.

According to John Tierney’s article in the City Journal:

The WHO hopes to begin this power grab in May at its annual assembly in Geneva, where members will vote on proposed changes in international health regulations and a new treaty governing pandemics. Pamela Hamamoto, the State Department official representing the U.S. in negotiations, has already declared that America is committed to signing a pandemic treaty that will “build a stronger global health architecture,” which is precisely what we don’t need. This lesson is anathema to politicians and bureaucrats.

… WHO officials are pretending their performance entitles them to expand their empire. Under the proposed new regulations, which would be “legally binding,” nations would commit themselves during an emergency to “recognize WHO as the guidance and coordinating authority of international public health response.” The agency could issue directives on quarantines, contact tracing, travel restrictions, border closures, and vaccine passports. In the name of “equity,” nations and companies could be required to share intellectual property, to supply the WHO with vaccines and other products, and to provide various “resources”—including funds to pay for the WHO’s expanding bureaucracy.

Nations that sign the pandemic treaty would promise to “cooperate” in “preventing misinformation and disinformation,” which presumably means silencing scientists who disagree with the WHO’s conclusions and edicts. Asking for this takes remarkable chutzpah, given how much misinformation the WHO itself spread during the pandemic. It originally underplayed the threat by repeating China’s false assertion that the virus wasn’t spread by human-to-human transmission. Then it pivoted to terrifying the public by vastly overstating the fatality rate. It praised China’s “transparency” and brutal lockdown. It issued false statements about the airborne transmission of the virus and about natural immunity. It continues recommending masks despite their harmful effects and the evidence that they make little or no difference in stopping viral spread.

WHO officials claim they’re not seeking to mandate pandemic policies in any country, and they cite verbiage in the pandemic treaty promising to respect “national laws” and “sovereignty.” These assurances are disingenuous. The most radical proposals are contained not in the treaty itself but rather in amendments to the WHO’s International Health Regulations. While the WHO doesn’t have a formal means of enforcing these “legally binding” regulations (China flouted them with impunity during the pandemic), its edicts would provide public-health officials in the U.S and other countries with a powerful new weapon for bullying politicians and the public into submission.

Child Protection League Action agrees with his conclusion that America should cut off its funding to this radical and misguided organization and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should the United States cede our sovereignty, safety, freedom, and health to an organization demonstrably committed to censorship and thug enforcement of its policies. Not only that, the WHO supported Covid19 “vaxgenes” they knew were extremely dangerous to mankind which were far more harmful than the actual virus itself.

We also urge you to contact each of your Congressional Representatives and Senators and tell them to oppose the WHO treaty and ensure America does NOT sign on. Insist that they fulfill their Oath of Office to uphold the US Constitution which guarantees and protects the rights of all Americans against tyrannical governments and actions.

Find your Congressman here. Find your Senators here.

Please do so today! The clock is ticking.

April 28, 2024