In July of 2020, Klaus Schwab launched his book, Covid-19; The Great Reset. He wrote of a planned economy and centrally managed world where ‘you will own nothing, and you will be happy.’ Except by ‘you’…he means you, your kids, and the rest of the world…not himself…not the ‘elites.’

The ‘elites’ would still reside in their oceanside estates and fly private jets to Davos to dine on seafood and fine beef as they devise more “agendas” to ‘improve’ the human condition by enslaving them to sustainable and climate change goals.

It sounds ridiculous, but this is no laughing matter because it’s already happening. Let’s connect some dots.

According to their website:

UNESCO… the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization… contributes to peace and security by promoting international cooperation in education [emphasis added], sciences, culture, communication, and information…. UNESCO’s programmes contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals [emphasis added], defined in the 2030 Agenda, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2015.”

Their 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development include commitments to “eradicate extreme poverty worldwide,” through “shared wealth,” “universal healthcare,” “fundamental changes in the way that our societies [countries] produce and consume goods and services” …” sustainable urban development,” “cohesive communities,” “sustainable management of natural resources,” “sustainable tourism,” “sustainable migration” and on and on and on…….

One of UNESCO’s primary objectives is “providing inclusive and equitable quality education at all levels – early childhood, primary, secondary, tertiary, technical and vocational training.” Education is SDG #4.

And UNESCO states that they are the “only United Nations agency with a mandate to cover all aspects of education (emphasis added). It has been entrusted to lead the Global Education 2030 Agenda through Sustainable Development Goal 4.“

In the 10th issue of the Blue Dot, the cover story is Social Emotional Learning. On page 54 you can read the article “SEL for SDG’s – Why Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is necessary to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG’s).

This article reveals a stunning admission about Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

SEL and its psychosocial behavioral intervention strategies are “necessary” to mitigate or address the cognitive dissonance a child will experience during their “education” that is designed to attain every Sustainable Development Goal of the UN Agenda 2030. The authors state that the “inconsistent cognitions” created by “dissonance” between the “development agent’s” “rational” and “emotional” cognition could result in inaction “that would undermine attainment of SDG goals. Therefore,

“The dual potential of dissonance to undermine development goals by enabling compromise and inactions, and by fostering measured deliberative development-oriented actions, necessitates appropriate dissonance management for the attainment of development goals. We posit two specific avenues, emotional resilience, and prosocial behavior, for managing dissonance and attainment of the SDGs.”- pg. 56.

“Thus, dissonance has considerable implications for how we understand and manage individual and social actions that enable attainment of the SDGs.”

“Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) has emerged as competencies through which individuals recognize and regulate emotions, identify positive purpose, demonstrate empathy for others, take constructive action, and promote human flourishing. With origins in emotional intelligence15, SEL skills are powerful competencies since they have been shown to (a) facilitate learning (b) build emotional resilience (c) promote prosocial behavior and (d) instill pluralistic thinking.”

Simply stated, the globalists at the UN recognize the usefulness of SEL in reshaping and transforming your child into a compliant, controllable, predictable, champion of every SDG goal. They will use behavioral modification (i.e.: psychological manipulation, brainwashing and mindfulness training) to do it.

Which leads us to eating bugs.

It is no secret the globalists are promoting imminent climate collapse to fundamentally transform how and what we farm, eat, consume, and drive. Which is why we now see a growing push to eat bugs to “save the planet.”

Kids in Australia and Wales are already being fed bugs at school. They are being encouraged to explore ‘alternative’ forms of protein so they can actively participate in “saving the planet from climate.”

From the article, Governments are feeding bugs to children,

“The elite [are] well aware that indoctrination works best on children. Humans develop the habits they will live with for the rest of their lives during their formative years. Therefore, the bug-eating agenda is spreading to schools all over the world.”

“A poster was also plastered in public schools in California, specifically created to manipulate children into eating bugs. Using cheap psychological tactics, the poster uses arguments such as “everybody’s doing it,” “you can dip them in CHOCOLATE,” and “it makes you cool.” Also, it argues that “meat carries disease” and “makes you sick.”

The World Economic Forum is pushing the same agenda and with their 5 reasons for eating bugs. They write that eating insects is a:

“virtuous” eco-cycle, providing “equivalent” amounts of protein and require “less care and upkeep than livestock” …because…the world is “running out of protein”.

If your child is not already talking about the virtues of eating bugs, expect them to be doing so shortly.

And if your child (like most of us) doesn’t WANT to eat bugs, know that the development agents will use SEL to help them overcome their “dissonance.” The World Economic Forum has already outlined their strategy.

Be looking for future email alerts about SEL. Child Protection League has committed to ‘decode’ SEL throughout 2023. We will continue revealing why SEL is not what most people have been led to believe. The flowery, wonderful sounding language masks an insidious agenda designed to shape and mold children into complacent, controllable, predictable champions of the radical one world governance and sustainable development goals of Agenda 2030…which will require “working the self to the point of compromising personal well-being” …. another SDG. All will be sacrificed to the collective.

February 1, 2023