Child Protection League sent the following letter to nonpublic schools in Minnesota. If you are associated with a nonpublic school, consider asking the administrator if he/she received the information. If they did not, send us their contact information and we will forward the letter on to them.

If they did receive the information, this would be a good time to encourage them to become familiar with the SEL system and what it involves. SEL has been finding its way into Christian and nonpublic schools with misleading claims that it’s all about teaching respect and responsibility, with phrases such as, “culturally responsive teaching,” “culturally responsive competence,” “inclusive,” and “whole child.” Help your local nonpublic school understand SEL.

Below is the letter we sent:

Dear School Administrator,

Child Protection League (CPL) and many others have carefully researched the ‘new’ educational program, Social Emotional Learning (SEL). We are alerting you to a recently published article in hopes you will find it useful when considering curriculum choices.

This article, Social Emotional Learning and the Christian School, was recently posted in Christian News and in a number of other online news platforms. The article provides important information you may not be familiar with. SEL is a ‘system’ that is heavily promoted with innocuous sounding language and superficial coverage. Both public and nonpublic school sectors are rapidly adopting its programs without full information. It is essential that everyone understand SEL and what this new system intends for our children.

CPL is eager to provide you with more information on this subject if you are interested. Our website can be a great resource at cplaction/sel. In addition, upon request, we are open to giving personal presentations to anyone on your staff.

On a related note, CPL is bringing national SEL expert Dr. James Lindsay into Minnesota on October 11, 2023. We invite and encourage you to join us for that event to be held in the Anoka area. The registration page is cplaction/Lindsay.

Most sincerely,

Michele Lentz
Child Protection League President

‍Full version PDF of the article:
Social and Emotional Learning and the Christian School
by Allen & Julie Quist

July 21, 2023