In 2023 the Minnesota Legislature removed the exemption for religious freedom from the MN Human Rights Act (MHRA) which means faith-based organizations, non-profits, and schools, etc. are in violation if they discriminate by refusing to hire someone because of their “gender identity” or in “sexually harassing” them. The state or individual can sue organizations who employ only people with shared worldviews and beliefs about biological sex or for sexual harassment, which is currently being interpreted as creating a “hostile or intimidating” environment by not affirming a person’s sexual identity .

Current legislation includes an Equal Rights Amendment which would amend the Minnesota Constitution to guarantee equal rights to everyone and every “gender identity” EXCEPT people with religious beliefs. There is no protection for religious beliefs in the proposed ERA either.

The phones should be melting down in St. Paul!

Please contact your legislators as soon as possible and tell them to pass Rep. Harry Niska’s amendment to the MHRA which would restore the religious exemption. Also tell them to drop the ERA which is a poorly written law that enumerates rights for only certain groups of people. It’s not equal at all.

Find your legislator here.

How did we get to this point in Minnesota?

 It’s a long story. Over 70 years ago Cultural Marxists began infiltrating our educational system. They have since captured the teaching colleges, The American Library Association, The National Education Association, state and federal Departments of Education, and all the major curriculum content creators and textbook publishing houses

This infiltration has been methodical and by design. Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Marxist known as the “father of transformational education,” famously said that “if you can change the way children think and speak, you will create social change.” By social change he meant cultural revolution. And by cultural revolution, he meant dismantling Western civilization, religion, and the traditional family without having to fire a single shot.

Marxists have always pursued the children because they are easy targets. Not only are they trusting by nature, they are also compliant captives, sitting in public school classrooms.

One of the most powerful strategies Marxists have used to transform the thinking of children and therefore the culture, has been the manipulation and deconstruction of our language because language shapes culture. What we say and how we speak, shapes what we think and believe…which will ultimately become our worldview.

Let’s look at just a few of the words and phrases battering our children every day.

The murder of unborn babies up to the moment of birth…even after they have survived a botched abortion is called “reproductive rights,” or “personal choices.”

Transporting gender confused children across state lines into Minnesota so they can be sterilized against parental wishes and in violation of other state laws is called providing a “trans refuge state.”

Chemically inducing premature menopause in girls and chemically castrating young boys is called “medically necessary gender affirming healthcare.”

Sterilizing emotionally disturbed young people by removing their healthy reproductive organs is called “gender affirming surgery.

Letting the suicidal patient dictate their plan of care is called “informed consent.”

Helping or ‘assisting’ depressed young people with their own suicides is called “dying with dignity.

Indoctrinating and requiring affirmation of all Cultural Marxist dogmas and ideologies is called an “education.”

Censoring all objections, values, and beliefs that don’t agree with Marxist ideologies is called “inclusion” and “welcoming.”

Believing you’re an animal, the opposite biological gender, or no gender at all is called a “gender identity.”

The Biden Administration just changed the definition of “sex” in Title IX to “gender identity.” By a simply “redefining” the meaning of the word “sex,” The Left has erased biological women.  He’s erased women’s sports, their opportunities, and their fundamental protections against biological men invading all these areas.

We could go on and on. But do you see how toxic this manipulation of language is? Do you see how participating in this linguistic theft makes us complicit with the lies?

Bill Maher called liberal “wokeism,”…or the “gay agenda”…(which is really Cultural Marxism) “entrapment.”  He’s right.

Our children have been groomed. They have been lured. They have been coerced into accepting morally abhorrent ideologies and beliefs. In everything related to the radical transgender agenda, they’ve been coerced and indoctrinated into embracing an ideology that is not rooted in science or ethics. It has been exposed worldwide and the house of cards is tumbling down. Even the word “trans” is false. NOBODY is transitioning into another sex.  Nobody.

The left has played the long game and are inches away from the end zone. By criminalizing the practice of one’s faith and beliefs, they have accomplished their ultimate goal of “silencing all opposition.”

“This is what I’m talking about. DFL Rep Leigh Finke is saying it out loud! Leigh thinks churches that don’t embrace LGBTQ “have to be fully dismantled.” Even using civil disobedience. Wake up! Our religious freedoms are under attack (and soon our churches according to Leigh) and to deny it is foolish. Leigh is a Rep in the MN House and the strongest voice the Democrats are following. It’s time to stand up or be dismantled.” Rob Ketterling @robketterling

Be sure to watch the video clip of Rep. Finke.

None of us can sit this one out. Even if you’re not a person of faith, this impacts you and your family. We cannot shrink back and hope it will self-correct or that someone else will “fix” it for the next generation.  We must be resolute and unwavering.

It’s time to stand against all of this loudly and clearly. And it must be now.

Contact your legislators!

April 22, 2024