Recent Ruling on COVID Vaxgenes (Shots)

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals just ruled that the Covid-19 shots are NOT vaccines because they do not meet the definition of vaccine in settled law, but instead meet the “rational basis” test that they are TREATMENTS. Legal precedent has already established that American citizens have the right to refuse unwanted treatments. This ruling is a massive victory!


Read below for important developments concerning our Sovereignty and Vaxgenes!

The World Health Organization

Our Child Protection League Action alert on April 28, Handing our Sovereignty over to the World Health Organization?, urged action to stop the Biden Administration from working to cede US Sovereignty to the UN World Health Organization (WHO) for future declared “pandemics.” We thank you for the mighty response. This internationally binding WHO pandemic treaty that was two years in the making was to be finalized in May. It failed.

By mid-May, the public had risen in mass opposition causing members of Congress and state attorneys general to oppose it. Many international leaders were expressing concerns over the violation of national sovereignty, promoting abortions, censorship in public health debates, and, in the U.S., violation of the Constitution. People began to recognize it as an international power grab.

The fine print included “legally” forcing Americans to follow WHO policies for “routine immunizations” and “social measures” as well. These would include draconian measures inflicted upon people all over the world during Covid such as lockdowns, forced masking, closure of businesses and schools, and vaccine passports. The WHO would be the governing authority over US health policy, an integral step toward solidifying the New World Order based upon “equity” and “global” cooperation.

This will not be the last time the WHO will claim the right to rule the world through health mandates.

In fact, just days after the WHO Pandemic Treaty failed, behind closed doors and in violation of their own written international agreement protocols, they revised the International Health Regulations (IRH), adopting many of the egregious pandemic protocols and tyrannical government health measures. Nobody has covered this topic better than James Roguski and his latest substack is a must read and listen.  He cross-posted a substack from Nora bin-Laden which includes their most recent interview. She writes:

…it is clear that this fight is far from over. Our adversaries are hell-bent on pursuing their nefarious agenda, and they are counting on our credulity. Now is not the time to let up, but to push back even harder.

Adverse Effects of Vaxgenes

Considering the disastrous WHO response to COVID and the steady flood of reports pouring in which show very troubling and consistent data suggesting causal links between the experimental Covid shots and serious health outcomes, we promised to provide a summary of the findings of a very important book;
Adverse Effects: A Critical Review of Covid Vaxgenes. Do you choose to understand? by Karina A. Acevedo-Whitehouse

Our intent is two-fold. First, to provide you with credible information to help you make your own informed decisions, and to point out how tyrannical and dangerous it would be to relinquish our health freedom and liberty to officials in Geneva Switzerland! The following is that brief summary.

Dr. Karina Acevedo-Whitehouse holds a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Epidemiology at the Institute of Zoology of London, conducts research on immunogenetics, immune plasticity and wildlife epidemiology and is a member of the Mexican National System of Researchers (SNI) level III. She wrote her book as a “compendium of various topics, that have been compiled [sic] to help people understand the mechanisms by which COVID genetic vaccines can impact the health of some who receive them.”

In summary, fifteen Covid “vaccines” were developed and approved for use in humans. Eight of them were based upon a “technological platform that had never been used in humans outside of clinical trials” before and “given their mechanism of action” the official definition of a vaccine was changed in 2021 by the CDC. The traditional definition until that time meant a product that provided life-long protection against infection and transmission. None of the Covid shots ever did that. For these reasons, she calls them “vaxgenes.” (page 12)

She analyzes the active compounds and “excipients” of each vaxgene that was available at the time of writing her book. Excipients are substances that are added to stabilize the drug. Many of the excipients had never been used in any pharmaceutical products prior to the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of the COVID vaxgenes, much less fully evaluated for human use in a human injectable product. (pages 17-47)

Additionally, Pfizer’s vaxgene contained a known cancer-causing promoter. It also contained double-stranded DNA levels which “exceeded by several orders of magnitude the maximum limits allowed by the FDA and European Medicines Agency (EMA).” Foreign DNA can trigger severe inflammatory responses and integrate itself into the cells’ genetics. (page 38)

Bolstering those findings the highly vaxxed Philippine government is sounding the alarm about their rising death rates and declining birth rates since the vaxgene rollout.

During the COVID pandemic hysteria many people took the vaxgenes under duress with no informed consent. They had no idea what was actually in the so-called “safe and effective” vaccines.

The author details studies of vaxgene ingredients and how they act, how each interacts with human cells, human tissues, and specifically how synthetic mRNA can disrupt the normal function of the immune system.

Most adverse events can be grouped into cardiovascular and blood clotting disorders, neurological diseases, reproductive abnormalities, autoimmune conditions, and uncontrolled cell proliferation like “turbo cancers.”

There is abundant evidence the vaxgenes are linked to significant changes in intestinal microbes, too. This is highly significant because of the growing understanding that “gut health” is foundational to human health. (pages 278-287)

Heavily vaccinated people experience higher rates of reinfection and Covid mortality. The experts even gave it a name, Vaccine induced Antibody Dependent Enhancement or V-ADE. (page 278)

Dr. Acevedo-Whitehouse provides a crucial and timely analysis, not to create more fear, but rather to provide a better understanding of what may have happened to those who took the vaxgene and what they can do to mitigate their symptoms.

We Must Resist

With such compelling evidence, we must resist all attempts to wrest the Sovereign control of our health decisions away from us. We must resist Orwellian healthcare experiments, and never again succumb to forced injections for ourselves or for our children. The Covid vaxgene is an experimental technology that never delivered on its promises of being “safe and effective.”

The so-called experts called Covid a pandemic of the “unvaccinated” and scared and shamed whole populations into taking shots they didn’t need and frequently didn’t trust. We must never again allow ourselves to be victimized by this kind of psychological abuse.