March 12, 2015

Legislation to secure the physical safety and privacy of your children in bathrooms, locker rooms and showers with facilities that separate biological males and females has been introduced but we need your help to get a hearing!

Contact the House Education Committee TODAY!
Urge them to schedule a hearing!
HF 1546 Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act
The deadline for a first hearing is March 20th.

Time is short.

Representative Sondra Erickson (R),Committee Chair 651-296-6746
Representative Peggy Bennett (R), Vice Chair 651-296-8216
Representative Carlos Mariani, DFL Lead 651-296-9714
Representative David Bly (DFL) 651-296-0171
Representative Drew Christensen (R) 651-296-4212
Representative Jim Davnie (DFL) 651-296-0173
Representative Ron Kresha (R) 651-296-4247
Representative Eric Lucero (R) 651-296-1534
Representative Rena Moran (DFL) 651-296-5158
Representative Bud Nornes (R) 651-296-4946
Representative Roz Peterson (R) 651-296-5387
Representative Nels Pierson (R) 651-296-4378
Representative Yvonne Selcer (DFL) 651-296-3964
Representative Dean Urdahl (R) 651-296-4344
Representative JoAnn Ward (DFL) 651-296-7807
Representative Abigail Whelan (R) 651-296-1729
Representative Anna Wills (R) 651-296-4306
Representative Ryan Winkler (DFL) 651-296-7026
Representative Barb Yarusso (DFL) 651-296-0141, Chair, Vice Chair

Call your own legislators.
Urge them to sign on as a co-author, if they haven’t already.
Find your own legislators

90% of Minnesota voters—Republicans, Democrats and Independents—support student physical privacy, which includes separating biological girls and boys. Our legislators should be taking a BOLD stand on this issue.

We’ve seen the public outrage over the MSHSL’s actions. Over 10,000 calls and emails came into their Board from all over the state, and people showed up in force for both MSHSL Board comment meetings.

Support for student physical privacy was the number one call-in topic at the gubernatorial debate. With Minneapolis schools now allowing students to ‘self-select’ the bathroom of their gender choice, and with St. Paul Schools poised to implement similar policies defining male and female as nothing more than an expression, it’s abundantly clear ALL students will lose ALL privacy under these policies.  Our kids need this bill!

Our children are not guinea pigs, we need to stop these wrong-headed social experiments!

  1. Pass this information on to your friends and neighbors. Get them involved.
  2. Sign up for our email updates so you know what actions you can take in the weeks ahead.
  3. Support our work with a donation. Most parents don’t even know it is happening! Our campaign to inform the public and counter the inevitable shrill and militant attack against this legislation will require significant financial resources. We need everyone’s help.
Please TAKE ACTION today. We need your help!
Questions?   888-538-3188

Renée T. Doyle