Don’t miss the new Season Two, Episode #2 of Trapped: Chaos in the Classroom by Sheila Qualls of Alpha News. This powerful audio podcast is a shocking revelation about Mounds View Public Schools from a former teacher, parents and students in the district. These insiders recount the astounding violence, lack of discipline, drug use, and graduation rates that mask sub par academic performance and more. It also reveals the hostile climate teachers and students find themselves in if they do NOT champion LGBTQ and social justice issues.

As one student said; “They are teaching us WHAT to think; instead of HOW to think.” What used to be “neutral ground” has been turned into “social justice” issues.

The documentary also reveals how children can easily access hard core porn websites through their chromebooks…right in the classroom and at home. One teacher recounts how she was reprimanded by administration for taking the chrome book away from a student who was showing porn to her classmates. Administration brought the teacher and the student in and said; “we are not allowed to look at the history of what the student has viewed”…and “that is not something we do here”.

This is an alert to families and taxpayers, and to all who care about the future of our state and our nation. Again, Mounds View is not an outlier, an exception or deviation. We are looking at another Minnesota example of education’s new normal, and it should shock everyone out of complacency. Public education will not self-correct.

This teacher said, “What sort of citizens are gonna come out of our school system?” We need to return to a school where “I can teach high levels of reading and writing and math and we are all good humans.”

Watch Episode #2, Inside Mounds View Public Schools

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