April 7, 2020

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Many states permit parents to review their child’s curriculum, but let’s be honest…most parents haven’t found the time to do that…until now. During the pandemic, parents were shocked as to what their children were being taught!

We have compiled a list of buzzwords and concepts we call “red flags” that indicate the material has an underlying bias that you may wish to review before exposing your child to it.

Watch for any of these words and concepts in bold text.

Social Justice or Social Equity

If you see an emphasis on anti-Americanism, white supremacy, systemic racism, social justice and implicit bias, know that this academic content has been filtered through the lens of a growing and radical view of social justice, sometimes defined as social equity.

The education system as a whole believes their primary objective is creating social activists rather than scholars. One of their most embedded strategies is conflating equality with equity.

Social equity assigns people to identity groups, labeling some as victims and others as oppressors.

Under the pretext of creating equal outcomes for all identities, groups are treated unequally. Victim groups are taught that they are entitled to special treatment and encouraged to expect recompense for presumed historical injustices. Oppressor groups are expected to assume the guilt for those same presumed injustices and are encouraged to shame their perceived oppressors.

Equality, in contrast, aims to provide equal opportunity and holds each individual accountable for their own actions and achievements.

Champions of social equity insist that equal opportunity and success in school and in life are unattainable without a persistent focus on race, culture and gender victimhood. All disparities are attributed to the perceived privileges of oppressor groups. This racist and biased approach to education presents itself as being inclusive.

Cultural competence, culturally responsive, cultural behavior, school climate, restorative practices, redistributive justice, personalized learning, social emotional learning, white privilege, minoritized students, intercultural specialist, colorblind ideology, anti-oppressive pedagogy, anti-bias training, and white Christian privilege all presume every non-minority student is inherently biased and privileged. It requires that students accept this perspective and self-repudiate their perceived privilege. If students are unwilling, they are not open to growth.

When curriculum comes home with this dangerous bias, and it will, please use this great opportunity to discuss this false worldview with your children. It’s important for them to know that even really nice people like their teachers at school can lack discernment! They may not even know what they are teaching is false and harmful. Unfortunately, the public education system often contradicts what is true.

These false ideas are being incorporated into most content areas, such as history, geography, social studies, reading assignments and sometimes even in math problems.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

An especially troubling area growing out of the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) movement is mindfulness training. Outside groups are training teachers Eastern meditative practices to teach their own students. Do not be fooled into thinking these are harmless relaxation exercises. Child Protection League will soon provide a full report on mindfulness training also.

Sexuality Education

There are many key words and concepts to watch for in Sex Education. Also carefully review the content, suggested resources, online links, surveys and health questionnaires.

A website to help you identify if the curriculum your child is expected to learn  is 15 Harmful Elements of CSE. Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) curriculum (produced primarily by SIECUS, the mother ship of Planned Parenthood) is flying under the radar of most parents. Parents have been fooled into thinking it is helpful for children, when in fact it is harmful. CSE teaches children they have the right to be sexual and experience sexual pleasure. CSE encourages early sexual exploration, normalizes children engaging in risky sexual behaviors, believes children have evolving capacities to consent, and embraces the unscientific claim that there are multiple genders with which kids can self-identify.

CSE emphasizes the teaching of sexual skills, how to guides for practicing their sexual rights, rather than avoiding sexual risks altogether. At its core, CSE is on a mission to create social change and a culture shift. No one granted the schools authority to undermine our “culture,” which is our values, attitudes, and beliefs about life, health, and morality.

You will know it is CSE when it speaks of reproductive justice, bodily autonomy, inclusivity, safe and supportive schools, being welcoming, consent, planned parenthood, SIECUS, Advocates for Youth, comprehensive, gender spectrum, gender assigned at birth, sexual orientations, gender identities, LGBTQ, sexual autonomy, bodily autonomy, sexual rights, anal sex, oral sex, masturbation, right to sexual pleasure, gender-affirmation, all things trans, advocacy for contraceptives and abortion.

Terms like medically accurate and evidenced based standards are also red flags, because CSE advocates are using them as cover to hide their radical agenda. There is nothing medically accurate or ‘safe’ about encouraging oral and anal sex or early sexual exploration for children. Their ‘evidence’ does not stand up to scrutiny.

If your children are being directed to sign on to EBSCO or MN ELibrary, be extremely vigilant. Parent groups all over the country have documented how easily children can access porn in these search engines. See Can Kids Really Access Porn Through Their Chrome Books?

Would you be willing to help?

We are asked countless times, which districts are teaching CSE? CPL does not have the resources necessary to audit the curriculum in every school district. Because parents are educating their children at home, you have that ability! Please provide us with pictures, references and lesson plans you find in your child’s homework that contain any of the red flags we have listed above. It will be invaluable information in our collective efforts to protect children from indoctrination and exploitation. We would greatly appreciate it!

Please send relevant information (with supporting documentation) to Contact Us online   by email at contact@cplaction.com.