The Cult of Transgenderism

The Woke Groomers and Child Mutilation Advocates hit Twittersphere with a campaign called Trans Day of Visibility on Friday, March 31. You can be certain this ‘day’ ignored how the Trans Cult actually harms children. It’s time to change that. Exhibit A is the American Spectator’s recent news story about the sufferings of transgender poster child Jazz Jennings. The story chronicles the horrific medical atrocities inflicted upon him as a biological male when he was groomed to “change his gender” to female beginning when he was just 2 years old. All this was effusively celebrated by the culture leaders of our day.

Does Jazz Jennings Regret Transitioning? The article headline “raises the specter that Jennings, despite being the poster child for transgenderism and having had this pushed on him since the age of 2, may himself be secretly devastated by what has been done to him.” Jennings’ mother Jeanette “has adamantly supported Jazz’s “transition” and pushed Jazz to incorporate every available mode of transition to appear as much as possible as though he is a woman.” Under her advocacy, Jazz has suffered multiple botched surgeries, mutilation of his genitalia, destruction of his hormonal system, has gained over 100 lbs., and today reports that “All I want is to be happy and feel like me, and I don’t feel like me, ever.” In season eight of “I am Jazz,” he admits he is ‘completely broken.’

It begs the question, who is responsible for what was done to Jazz? The surgeons? Hollywood? His mother? We believe the correct answer is all the above, and all should be held accountable. Remember, this started when Jazz was 2, an age when children still believe in Santa Claus. The adults in the room didn’t protect Jazz.

Child Protection League exposed the cult 10 years ago.

CPL was one of the first to warn the public about the dangerous demands of the trans cult. For that reason, CPL was singled out for criticism by Katie Couric during her interview with Jazz and “her” mother.

The Couric clip briefly displayed a picture of the full-page Sunday-edition ad CPL published in 2015 in the Star Tribune alerting parents that the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) as crafting an athletic policy forcing all schools in the MSHSL to allow biological males who identify as ‘girls’ to participate as female athletes and to share locker rooms, showers, and hotel rooms with biological females. We included the names and telephone numbers of the MSHSL Board Members.

The public was shocked and outraged at the planned policy, and the MSHSL was overwhelmed with calls and emails opposing it. The ad went viral in the US media and in the UK, New Zealand and even Australia. CPL was inundated with interview requests. Even then-Governor Dayton lashed out against us. And in what could now be considered a prophetic moment, CPL followed that ad with a second one titled: Is this the end of girls’ sports?

After the public opposition, the vote was postponed. Ultimately, the MSHSL passed a lame “appeals process” for transgender students, and the gender radicals and media declared it a ‘win.’ But it was a clear win for parents and children. To our knowledge, no ‘trans’ student athlete has yet to use the appeals process. Instead, the gender activists continue focusing on pursuing lawsuits to achieve their primary goal of cultural subversion.

The public is waking up to the trans cult.

Public opposition to the lies of the trans cult were slow to take off. Generally, people were unwilling to stick their necks out and become targets themselves.

Many thought the trans idea was a passing fad because it didn’t even attempt to be rooted in any biological reality.

But that has dramatically changed. Each day brings new reports of the growing alarm and fury over America’s children being ripped apart, manipulated, and abused. The silence is over.

On his recent Timcast podcast, for example, Tim Pool expressed the outrage of us all over the unthinkable damage done to Jazz Jennings from a very young age. From the mental and physical anguish Jazz suffered taking puberty blockers and undergoing vaginoplasty (the removal of his penis and an attempt to create a facsimile of a vagina) …to his mother making millions off his reality show and children’s books promoting gender mutilation, the entire situation is grotesque child exploitation. It’s horrific.

The GLB faction (Gays Against Groomers) is opposing the trans cult, too, because it directly undermines their claims of being ‘born that way.’ In contrast to same sex orientation, the transgenderism creed insists that humans are our own biological creation, that people can ‘change’ genders anytime…even be several genders at the same time. DNA is irrelevant according to trans doctrine.

The Nashville shooter Audrey Hale is another tragic example of a ‘trans’ individual who was clearly mentally unstable and unable to cope with her demons. Audrey wrote a manifesto, (which, as of this writing, law enforcement has yet to release) before gunning down innocent children and adults. Rather than seeking honest answers to hard questions about how this young woman became a vicious child killer, the extreme trans cult runs with the twisted storyline that Christians are to blame for the violence perpetrated against them, and that gun confiscation is the only solution.

The trans cult is one of many fronts of the Culture war.

But none of this is happening in a vacuum. Transgenderism embraces the fundamental tenets of Cultural Marxism. The cult of transgenderism is one front of the many-headed hydra of the culture war. The purpose of the culture war is to destabilize and dismantle our families, our culture, and our governing institutions to further a one-world Marxist revolution.

Cultural Marxism subverts the language to change the way we think. Transgenderism is deception. It is biologically impossible to change genders. It’s a complete lie, telling children they are all little ‘g’ gods…that they somehow have ultimate power to change their gender.

In the current environment, children are particularly vulnerable to being granted ‘new’ sexual identities which repositions them as victims, too. The vast majority of children trying to ‘change’ their gender are those who have been indoctrinated to believe they are systemically and hopelessly racist because of the color of their skin. They have committed the unpardonable sin of being born white. The only path to redemption is hatred of their heritage.

It’s way past time to awaken to the horrific deception gender-activist radicals are forcing on our entire culture. Our children’s lives and futures are being robbed and destroyed. It is up to clear thinking adults to rescue them from a cult which permanently sterilizes them and sentences them to a lifetime of drugs. Sterilizing emotionally troubled children is nothing short of modern-day eugenics.

We must help deceived children escape the trans cult.

CPL is now in its tenth year fighting the Woke and Trans Cult targeting America’s children. We won’t stop. Everyone should be in on this battle. We can NEVER stop until this evil is unmasked and defeated. Jazz Jennings’ tragic story is a window into the ‘trans’ devastation rapidly engulfing our nation.

This is a battle we as a people must win at all costs, because our entire future depends on it. With love and compassion, all of us must help the victims of the Trans Cult break free.