June 12, 2023

The Sound of Freedom premiers in theaters July 3rd. It exposes the massive child sex trafficking network in our nation.

Child Protection League felt so strongly that this movie is a watershed event, we purchased 100 tickets that have been distributed!

Persevering against years of coordinated and powerful opposition, Jim Caviezel (of Passion of the Christ fame) plays the lead role in the true story of one man’s dangerous mission and heroic efforts to rescue children from human traffickers. This movie is not fiction.

The hush-hush stories of child sex trafficking rings have swirled for many years, silenced by the complicit, powerful forces of media, Hollywood, wealthy financial and political moguls, and networks of powerful corruption. After the sordid story of Jeffrey Epstein hit the news, it quickly disappeared into oblivion when he was found dead in prison from “suicide.”

No more silence! Be there to make this powerful expose’ of these heinous crimes a transformative moment in our land. Your attendance is a witness of their cries for justice and freedom and sends an undeniable message that America will not look the other way. We demand that these children be set free!

View the trailer.

The Sound of Freedom equips us with understanding and knowledge. Every adult must understand that a nation which allows predators to abuse and destroy children will not survive. America must act to protect all children or we will receive the judgment we deserve.

The pre-sale response to this movie has been overwhelming! A few weeks ago, the Sound of Freedom was available in only three theaters in the Minnesota metro area and only on July 4th. Today it is available in multiple theaters from July 3rd to July 10th.

Purchase Your Tickets.

Be there as a voice for the voiceless. Defender of the defenseless. Make this movie a cultural event that shakes the foundations of our land.

Stand together as one against the forces of evil by your presence.

Your presence is your voice!


Life Site News video: “Jim Caviezel blows lid off child trafficking, Epstein Island, Hollywood in Steve Bannon interview”

New York Post: “Instagram algorithm boosted vast pedophile network report”