October 22, 2022

Read through the information about the vote and then take action on the What can you do right now? steps.

Thursday, October 20, the CDC Advisory panel voted unanimously (15-0) to include Covid 19 injections in the recommended childhood vaccination schedule. While this vote is a ‘guideline’ and does not mandate state compliance, the childhood vaccination schedule has historically been the ‘guideline’ many state health departments adopt into law as the immunizations required for any child to attend school. Some states in statute require preschools and K-12 follow the CDC guidelines for the vaccination schedule. Pediatricians often abide by CDC ‘guidelines’ as well. It’s a convenient way to blame shift. Federal funding is also commonly tied to following CDC guidelines, and, when that is the case, compliance is still defined as ‘voluntary.’

It is a remarkable and deeply troubling move, considering 15 people (and some with clear conflicts of interest) just put the health of millions of American children at risk with no risk to themselves. In the article by “A Midwestern doctor”, the author carefully and thoroughly details the long history of corruption and funding conflicts at the CDC.

Now that the Experimental Use Authorization (EUA) Covid injections with no long-term safety data have been added to the childhood vaccination schedule, the manufacturers of these injections have been awarded a complete liability shield. In 1986, Congress passed a law, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVI), that protected the drug makers from civil lawsuits for injuries and deaths caused by their vaccines. The NCVI also established the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program which has quietly paid out billions in damages to victims away from public scrutiny. Drug makers can now be legally liable only if it can be proven, they have committed fraud.

According to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., “Once it becomes an approved vaccine, that shield – that freedom from immunity disappears, and we will be able to sue them — unless it’s a recommended vaccine for children (emphasis added). Because under the childhood vaccine act, any vaccine that is recommended for children automatically receives immunity from liability even when that vaccine is given to an adult.

So, Pfizer knows that it cannot afford to give an approved vaccine to any American because attorneys like me will sue them and bankrupt them overnight. We will make them pay for the entire pandemic. But if they can get it approved for children, then they’ll get immunity from liability, and they will not have to deal with the consequences of their behavior.”

CDC’s vote handed Big Pharma full legal immunity on a silver platter.

125,456 comments were publicly submitted to the CDC website about the issue as of midnight 10/20/22. The CDC posted only 1392…all of which were posted within the last 7 days. It appears the CDC desired to accomplish this vote under the radar, but, thanks to all of you and thousands of other concerned parents and grandparents, they were flooded with comments once the meeting was exposed. The majority of the comments came in the last 72 hours when the public was alerted through various alternative media including CPL.

CPL scrolled through hundreds and hundreds of the posted comments and did not find a single comment supporting the experimental Covid 19 injections for children. In fact, a running theme from many parents was, ‘THIS’ was the last straw, and they would remove their children from public schools. In many states, however, including Minnesota, the childhood vaccine schedule is required for both public and nonpublic schools, including homeschools.

It is not an understatement to say the Covid injection is on the ballot in November. Currently, 20 state governors and many gubernatorial candidates have announced that they will NOT permit these shots to become part of their state immunization requirements for children. Under Governor Walz, Minnesota is not one of these states. Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Jensen has been very outspoken about health freedom since the beginning of the pandemic.  He released a very strong statement Saturday October 22, 2022 supporting parental rights and health freedom. Governor Walz has been silent.

This MN Facebook group closely follows the issue with both gubernatorial candidates. Evidence there shows that powerful organizations are working to eliminate vaccine exemptions.

Child Protection League strongly opposes the covid injections for healthy children because they are totally unnecessary and harmful for them.

The CDC panel claimed they saw “no safety signals” as the charts from Steve Kirsch show.  He is still waiting for the CDC to respond to his analysis showing ‘the CDC’s own death ‘safety signal’ alert!


  1. Vote like the Covid Injections are on the November ballot because they are.
  2. Be proactive and contact your school administrators, superintendents and state education commissioners. In Minnesota, the Education Commissioner is Heather Mueller. Make it clear that you strongly oppose any Covid shot mandates for children.
  3. Contact the CDC and insist they protect our children. Hold them accountable to their actions.