Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) has been unmasked as a fundamentally racist and Marxist ideology. With the takedown of the President of Harvard, the media floodgates against DEI have opened.

Former Minnesota U.S. Senator Norm Coleman is weighing in. DEI is Dangerous and Must Be Stopped.

‍Christopher Rufo, one of the nation’s leading experts on the danger of DEI, recently posted about forcing the resignation of Claudine Gay as President of Harvard:

“My primary objective is to eliminate the DEI bureaucracy in every institution in America and to restore truth rather than racialist ideology as the guiding principle of America.”

Even Elon Musk has pointed out in recent tweets that DEI is just repackaged racism.

As of last August, five states had passed legislation banning DEI. Corporate giants are slashing their DEI budgets.

It is time to look squarely at Minnesota’s newly revised teacher licensing standards which embed DEI into Minnesota schools, and ask WHY does Minnesota require teachers to embrace racist ideologies in order to be licensed in our state?

Unmasking Minnesota’s Teacher Certification Standards (PDF)

Please read this key article by Allen Quist and share the link widely with your public and nonpublic colleagues and friends. We need to understand what this means for the future of both our private and public colleges, teachers, classrooms, and students, and what actions we must take.

And check out CPL’s new page on Teacher Certification Standards for Allen’s article, PELSB standards documents and background information.

January 6, 2024