Are the Covid Shots Targeting Fertility and Babies?

Reports are coming in that approximately 9 months after the Covid “vaccines” rolled out in 2021, live births fell off a cliff.

For example, the decline of births in New South Wales hospitals.

There is growing evidence the shots negatively impact the placenta in utero which appear to be impeding placental and fetal development resulting in low birth weights, stillbirths, miscarriages, and failure to thrive.

Fertility rates across the globe have crashed since the Covid “vaccine” rollout.

Alex Berenson has been writing about the crashing birth rates worldwide. Birth rates are especially alarming in countries where mRNA Covid “vaccine” uptake was high. In this article, Alex refers to several reports linking the shot’s impact on women’s menstruation and declining male sperm counts.

A search for “global declining birth rates” will bring up a string of articles with shocking headlines that undoubtedly attribute the factual declines to “lifestyle choices” or outlandish culprits like climate change. Few examine many troubling correlations.

Another tell? Prescriptions for Hormone Replacement Treatments (HRT) exploded after June 2021…among younger women in England as well. Since it is well documented that the spike protein in the Covid shots accumulate in the heart, liver, spleen, testes, and ovaries, could this surge in HRT prescriptions have been triggered by apparent ovarian failure or “early menopause”?

Dr. Naomi Wolf and her volunteer team of over 3000 scientists, attorneys, doctors, and data analysts have been publicly warning about the shots’ impact on fertility and reproduction for two years. They analyzed the Pfizer Covid trial documents which were only released via court order. (The FDA was planning to hide this data for 75 years.) The team compiled their analysis into this seminal work, Pfizer Documents Analysis Reports. In the Pfizer trial documents, Dr. Wolf’s analysis team found 23% of vaccinated mothers lost their babies either in utero prematurely or as newborns.

According to Dr. Wolf, they also found women experienced significant reproductive and menstrual harms during the Pfizer trial. There were “149,000 reproduction organ adverse events (AE) in women which was 16% of the total number of AE’s which occurred in women during the trial.” They also detailed “super-strange things” within the Pfizer documents, such as “ten-year-old girls menstruating on first being injected” and “long-postmenopausal women in their 80s and 90s bleeding again after being injected.” Considering the trail size was just over 44,000 people this is a huge safety signal.

Recently published research in the Journal of Endocrinological Investigation shows that Covid vaccinated men experienced reduced testosterone levels and sperm counts as well.

Since the Covid shots and boosters are gene modifying, what does this mean for children? Will vaccinated children experience the same infertility issues women and men are experiencing when they reach childbearing age?

We have no idea because there is no long- term safety data! And the CDC is no longer looking for this data either!

Yet the CDC recommends the new covid shots for babies and adults this fall.

On Wednesday, September 12, the CDC recommended that nearly ALL Americans receive one of the new Covid shots. Their recommendation included infants as young as 6 months old and pregnant women. By a vote of 12-1, the CDC advisory panel “overwhelmingly” recommended the shots despite the following acknowledgments by some of the members. (emphasis has been added where bolded)

  1. The currently available Covid 19 vaccines “don’t protect well against hospitalization, and only clinical data for one of the new shots were available.”
  2. Dr. Francis Priddy, a Moderna official, said their new vaccine is “anticipated to be effective against current SARS-CoV-2 variants.”
  3. All the advisors acknowledged that, for making the recommendation, “NONE of the data provided evidence supporting vaccination in children.”
  4. Some advisors said it was safe to “assume the vaccinations will work in kids,” and Dr. Oliver Brooks actually said “it’s likely there will be a benefit…”

A New York Post article this week pointed out “There clearly seems to be a special push this time to give it to children — the same group European regulators are not supporting.”

Do you think, as we do, that it is wildly irresponsible of the CDC to recommend new Covid boosters because their advisory board assumes they will work? State health departments like Minnesota’s Dept. of Health (MDH) just parrot what the CDC says. How can the MDH make a claim like this? They don’t have any evidence either.

Additionally, Dr. Robert Malone wrote in his Sept. 13th substack, “Drug development processes have a very high failure rate, and the number one reason for clinical failure of investigational medicines is drug safety.”

Why did the CDC suddenly shut down their own V-safe vaccine injury reporting system on June 30, 2023? The CDC V-safe was an active reporting app developed by the CDC specifically for tracking the safety of Covid “vaccines.” Over 10 million people were using V-safe. More than 3 million people reported over 6 million health impacts from the shots. 1.2 million “impacts” were severe enough the patient was unable to “perform normal activities” and 800,000 required “medical care.” Their last chart is posted below.

Either they do not want to know, or more importantly, they do not want us, mothers and fathers, grandparents and young adults, to know. When you stop looking for safety signals you can claim there aren’t any! That is exactly what the CDC and others are doing. The trail of deaths and injuries becomes invisible.

The exponential rise in all-cause mortality among young adults and children which we also wrote about several weeks ago continues unabated. The damage and havoc being wreaked upon an unwitting population via the experimental mRNA Covid shots is simply evil.

Under no circumstances should any child be forced or encouraged to take any version of the Covid shot. All the harms and deaths adult men and women are experiencing are being extended to the most vulnerable among us – our children, our future.

We urge you in the strongest possible way to look at the evidence yourself. The harsh reality is that our government agencies have been captured. Logic, evidence, and experience are raising red flags that our children and our mothers are targets in the health industry. Protect them!