May 21, 2015

Legislature Says NO to Student Physical Safety and Privacy

The Minnesota House and Senate passed their 2015 Omnibus Education Bill early this week, failing to provide the necessary physical protections that would have been afforded by requiring schools to provide separate bathroom, shower and locker room facilities between biological boys and biological girls. [continue reading…]

May 14, 2015

Cutting The Deals Behind Closed Doors

In the secret negotiations of the legislative leaders, deals are cut. Some provisions are negotiable. Others are non-negotiable. In the grand scheme of things, Speaker Daudt and the GOP majority must decide what provisions they will defend in exchange for what they will give up. [continue reading…]

May 1, 2015

The Minnesota Senate Voted!

On a roll call vote of 25-40, Minnesota Senate Democrats defeated an amendment to the Senate Education Finance and Policy bill on Thursday, April 30, that would have protected children. The amendment would have required separate biological male and biological female student locker rooms, bathrooms and dressing areas, and also would have allowed for special accommodations.

We wish to thank Senator Warren Limmer (R-Maple Grove, 651-296-2159) who carried the amendment in the Senate, and Representative Tim Miller (R-Prinsburg, 651-296-4228) who carried the amendment in the House.

We thank Senate Minority Leader David Hann (R-Eden Prairie, 651-296-1749) for being willing to conduct a roll call vote. We clearly know which Senators understand the need to protect children. [continue reading…]

April 27, 2015

HF1546, The Student Physical Safety & Privacy Act Was NOT passed.

Contrary to news you’ve been hearing, the Student Physical Safety & Privacy Act, HF 1546, was not passed as an amendment to the Omnibus House Education Finance bill last Saturday, April 25th, on the floor of the Minnesota House.

No roll call vote!

What passed the House last Saturday was a compromise amendment that extended the physical privacy protections of HF 1546, but that left the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) male-to-female transgender ruling intact. Shockingly, no votes were recorded.

This is a bipartisan problem!

[continue reading…]


March 21, 2015

THANK YOU” for calling Members and asking them to protect our students’ physical privacy and for working to protect girls’ sports!

THANK YOU” for your many emails and calls of support to us. CPLAction is comprised of mostly volunteer warriors sending out emails, creating graphics, collecting lists, researching, reading legislation, etc. Man, do we appreciate the fact that you appreciate CPLA.

THANK YOU” for your financial donations that keep us ticking. The better funded we are, the more we can do. It is just that simple.

So this is what did and did not happen this week: [continue reading…]

March 12, 2015

Legislation to secure the physical safety and privacy of your children in bathrooms, locker rooms and showers with facilities that separate biological males and females has been introduced but we need your help to get a hearing!

Contact the House Education Committee TODAY!
Urge them to schedule a hearing!
HF 1546 Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act
The deadline for a first hearing is March 20th.
Time is short. [continue reading…]

For Immediate Release Contact: Michele Lentz
March 9, 2015 (888) 538-3188
Bills Introduced to Protect Students’ Physical Privacy

The Student Safety and Physical Privacy Act was introduced in the Minnesota House and Senate today. Senator Brown introduced SF 1543, with co-authors Kiffmeyer, Ruud, Thompson and Westrom. Representative Tim Miller introduced HF 1546, with co-authors Lucero, Lohmer, Scott, Whelan, M. Dean, Drazkowski, Backer, Heintzeman, Newberger, Rarick, Hancock, Runbeck,
Daniels, Pugh, Green, and Gruenhagen, Fabian, and Uglem. [continue reading…]

Be sure to sign the petition (in the sidebar) in support of legislation requiring separate boys’ and girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms in schools:

We the undersigned urge the legislature to require that schools maintain biological girl-only and biological male-only bathrooms, locker rooms and dressing room facilities for the safety and welfare of all.

Minnesotans Are Not Gender Blind!

Minnesotans recognize there are distinct differences between biological boys & biological girls and all students deserve to have their physical privacy protected. [continue reading…]

Press Release: Strong Majority of MN Voters Say No To Gender Blindness

Three-fourths of Minnesotans support a law to make sure athletic teams are restricted to biological gender, according to a poll conducted this week by one of the nation’s leading public opinion research firms, Public Opinion Strategies. [continue reading…]