This is an urgent ACTION ALERT!

The Ethnic Studies bill (SF 1476) will be coming up for a floor vote in the Minnesota House as part of the Omnibus Education Finance bill HF 2497 sometime mid to late week of April 17th. The Center of the American Experiment has alerted us with the following information.

The Bait

Ethnic Studies teaches kids about different cultures.

The Switch

Ethnic Studies divides kids by race and forces a radical political agenda on our schools.

‍A top goal of Gov. Tim Walz and his allies in the Minnesota legislature is to politicize our schools through the insertion of a radical form of ethnic studies into the curriculum from kindergarten through twelfth grade. But you wouldn’t know it listening to them. Their sales pitch for this radical agenda is a classic The Bait and Switch.

Take Action

Send a letter to your legislator, use this Online Form provided by Center of the American Experiment.

Poll: Minnesotans don’t support ethnic studies once they understand the bait and switch! Read about that polling data.