January 20, 2017

MN Mom in Court Thursday to Restore Parental Rights
Show up for her! She’s standing up for you!

This Thursday, January 26th
The Honorable Paul Magnuson
Sr. Judge, U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota

316 North Robert Street
100 Federal Building
St. Paul, MN 55101

Last November, a brave northern Minnesota mom stepped out publicly to challenge the authority of state agencies and private businesses to deprive her of her civil rights. She had found herself suddenly, completely, and permanently deprived of her parental rights without any notice or court order.

Anmarie Calgaro filed a civil rights lawsuit in federal district court. She is asking the court to restore her 14th amendment constitutional due process rights. [See press release.][View Anmarie’s statement, Child Protection League’s statement, and and the entire press conference here.]

In June of 2015, unknown to Anmarie, her then 15-year-old son began considering himself an adult. A nonprofit legal aid group had created a “Notice of Emancipation” on his behalf, based on false and completely unverified reports. The courts were never involved. Based solely on this statement drafted by a nonprofit which did no inquiries or investigation, the local school, other state agencies, and private health services began treating him as an adult, providing various services and support to him without her knowledge or consent. Anmarie was suddenly shut out of every important physical, emotional, and educational decision her minor son was making,

Anmarie lost access to his school and health records. Without her consent, the Minnesota Department of Motor Vehicles issued him a state driver’s license and the county provided support. By 2016, her son was prescribed dangerous hormonal drugs to begin changing his appearance from male to female. He was prescribed narcotics. As a parent who loves and is committed to her minor child, Anmarie was never provided an opportunity to defend in court her right to provide for him.

Yet, even more shocking is the harsh reality that, hidden from public awareness, this same scenario plays itself out many times over in other Minnesota families. Most parents suffer through the tragic family trauma silently, unable, even fearful, to challenge the law in court. As a result, few Minnesota families ever realize how every Minnesota family is at risk of being subjected to this very same violation, being torn apart in the same way, without recourse.

Anmarie’s scheduled federal court hearing
is next Thursday, January 26th.
We invite you to show up to support her!

We all have an interest
in the outcome of this case.

Anmarie is courageously challenging the constitutionality of a law that removes parental authority with no notice or opportunity to be heard in court.

The Child Protection League (CPL) is supporting Anmarie’s legal challenge because she deserves our support, and because the rights of all parents are at stake. [See MN CPL statement.]

Please join us. Stand with Anmarie!

Attorney Erick Kaardal of Mohrmon, Kaardal and Erickson, P.A. filed the complaint on Anmarie’s behalf with the support of the Thomas More Society of Chicago, a national nonprofit public interest law firm.