January 26, 2016

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) holds its 3rd annual Time To THRIVE conference in Texas on February 12th and 13th, 2016. The HRC, masquerading as an advocate for “human rights,” is a prominent front for gender extremism.

Working for LGBTQ

Before the workshop descriptions were scrubbed from their website, their shocking intentions were on full display. The HRC and their propaganda-pushing allies are clearly after the children.

Five of their workshop descriptions are copied below. More may be viewed on our website. The conference will offer 72 workshops by more than 45 national and local extremist organizations. Here are some examples of the brazenness of their radical intentions:

  • time-to-thrive2A Program Specialist from the St. Paul School District brags about a “bi+ agenda,” “pansexual people,” and “rocket beyond sexual orientation binaries” [explicitly expressing their goal of no limits on child sexual behavior].
  • “Federal policy recommendations developed by the bi+ community for youth who are attracted to more than one gender… from Title IX to curriculum.” [By “more than one gender,” they mean male, female, both, neither, and “genderfluid.]
  • “Queer intergenerational collaborations.”
  • “Beyond the binary.” [No more just boys and girls.]
  • “Strategies, resources and models for making puberty education more gender-inclusive.”
  • “Gender-expansive students.”

Beware the slew of so-called advocates and experts HRC is training to come into the school — “Queer adults” needing to overcome “a multitude of challenges when attempting to work with youth in their schools and communities.”

It’s hard to imagine why these people are even allowed access to children! Yet powerful elites are lining up behind them: Wall Street high finance, big business, media, Hollywood, and leftist political groups and agencies. Here are some of the players:

  • AT&T
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Adidas
  • Kenneth Cole
  • Visa (Time to THRIVE website posted that “The HRC Visa® card is the one and only card that automatically contributes a percentage of each purchase to HRC,” but Visa has now been deleted.)
  • Alaska Airlines
  • U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Julián Castro
  • ABC News Correspondent and Host of What Would You Do?, John Quiñones
  • National Association of Secondary School Principals Deputy Executive Director, Beverly Hutton, Ed. D.
  • National Education Association Senior Policy Analyst, Paul Sathrum
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC) Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Francisco Ruiz
  • California Teachers Association

Anne Hathaway is prominently featured as an HRC supporter: “My family and I will help the good fight continue until that long awaited moment arrives — when our rights are equal and when the political limits on love have been smashed.

Joe Manganiello: “That each individual be allowed the basic human right to love whomever their heart wants to love without fear…that to me is seemingly the most simplistic concept that I could possibly think of.”

This massively funded alliance is attempting to impose a sweeping, radical and dangerous no-gender, genderfluid, and anything-goes ideology on America’s schools, businesses, and families. “Genderfluid” means that a child’s identity is undefined and shifting, never grounded in male or female. Are you aware this is actually being taught in classrooms to students as young as kindergarten? Start asking questions, and you will be amazed to discover this for yourself.

We are witnessing an aggressive attempt to reconfigure American and western culture, redefining the very words we use. “Love” translates as zero boundaries on sexual behaviors. “Respect” becomes affirming and honoring what is profoundly dangerous and misguided. Exercising our free speech becomes “bullying.”

The implications for what we are facing are profound. The extremists have laid a false foundation. However, no amount of wealth or power and no deceitful claim to legitimacy or respectability will ultimately triumph over truth!

The truth is that boundaries are the bedrock of a civilized, healthy, thriving, moral people. Children are unsafe and vulnerable without boundaries, easily falling victim to predators or learning to be predators themselves. Civilization has recognized for millennia that healthy marriages and families cannot succeed without boundaries. Who are these people who seek to dismantle the foundations before our very eyes? Who are we if we allow them?

Unbridled sexual behaviors and feelings open wide the door to ever more dangerous perversity: pedophilia, sexual torture, team sodomy, and bestiality, to name a few. If you’re paying attention, you know that our communities are even now witnessing the rise in all of these. Our children are being introduced and hardened to the unspeakable.

Actual 2016 “Time to THRIVE” Workshops
(See more workships here.)

*Getting Bi+ (Pan/Fluid/Omni/Poly/Queer/Unlabeled)
Mary Hoelscher, Program Specialist, Out for Equity, Saint Paul Public Schools, Minnesota

From the White House to Miley Cyrus, bi+ people are moving an agenda. In this session, we’ll smash the myth of bi+ privilege, interrupt biphobia, and put our pansexual people in the spotlight as we rocket beyond sexual orientation binaries. You’ll leave ready to support those attracted to more than one gender in your GSA (Gender and Sexuality Alliance). We’ll highlight resources like HRC’s “Supporting and Caring for our Bisexual Youth” and a guide for making student groups bi+ affirming.

*Breaking Down the Bisexual Education Policy Agenda
Mary Hoelscher, Program Specialist, Out For Equity, Saint Paul Public Schools, Minnesota

National bisexual leaders presented an educational policy agenda to the White House for #biweek in 2015. In this workshop, LGBTQ+ organizational leaders in education will have the opportunity to dive deeply into the federal policy recommendations developed by the bi+ community for youth who are attracted to more than one gender with a co-author of those recommendations. From Title IX to curriculum, this session will discuss tangible ways to address the unmet, well-documented needs of bisexual youth.

*Intergenerational Queers: Creating Effective Youth-Adult Partnerships
Gay-Straight Alliance Network
Christopher White, Director, Safe and Supportive Schools Project, Gay-Straight Alliance Network; Thomas Rodriguez, Project Coordinator, Safe and Supportive Schools Project, Gay-Straight Alliance Network

Participants will explore why queer intergenerational collaborations can be challenging and learn strategies for creating effective youth-adult partnerships. Queer adults face a multitude of challenges when attempting to work with youth in their schools and communities. However, in order for adults to be able to support youth movements and young people, in general, they must know what those challenges are and how to overcome them. We will engage in self-exploration and bias exercises and develop strategies for establishing strong partnerships with youth.

*Beyond the Binary: Gender-Expansive Puberty Education
Advocates for Youth

Puberty education consistently excludes a gender-diverse lens…This workshop will highlight gaps in puberty education and provide strategies, resources and models for making puberty education more gender-inclusive for ALL students. Participants will gain insight on how their role influences this issue and understand that gender-inclusion is an intentional step toward equality for trans* and gender-expansive students.

Creating Welcoming Elementary Schools for Students of All Genders
Human Rights Campaign Foundation
Johanna Eager, Director, Welcoming Schools, Human Rights Campaign
[Click here for a review of the Welcoming Schools curriculum.]

This session will share key strategies for creating a gender-inclusive elementary classroom, including an exploration of all of the ways that gender may impact students at school. Participants will have an opportunity to practice interrupting gender stereotypes as well as sharing ideas for affirming gender-expansive and transgender students. Welcoming Schools elementary school lesson plans and up-to-date book lists that look at gender identity with children will be reviewed and shared.