July 8, 2021

Is your school district using this CRT ‘equity’ and ‘diversity’ training program for K-12 educators?

The invasion of critical race theory indoctrination into our Nation’s K-12 schools has been brewing for a long time, and it has deep roots in Minnesota.

Equity is not equality. Equality teaches and judges individuals, providing each person tools and opportunities for success. Equity divides people into identity groups by race, ethnic background, sex, and gender, labeling individuals either oppressors or oppressed according to their identity group. Equity enforces equal outcomes according to identity groups at the cost of changing standards and

Under the banner of ‘equity,’ ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism,’ SEED has been training teachers across this nation since 1987, and it continues today. The SEED diversity training for teachers in the K-12 educational system spread the seeds for anti-American, pro-sexual diversity indoctrination across the country. We are witnessing the product of this training today. The National SEED Project

How many of your district’s teachers have been through this diversity training program? Ask them, even if you need to access it through an Open Records Request (PDF). SEED training is ‘continuing education’ and is usually funded at taxpayer expense. Is this why More Than 5,000 Woke Teachers Signed a Pledge to Teach CRT ‘Regardless of the Law’?

Seeds of Division (31 minute video) by Barb Anderson

Seeds of Hate Yield a Harvest of Hostility Summary
by Barb Anderson
PDF version

There is a new kind of totalitarianism brewing on our college and university campuses today—one that prohibits diversity of thought and opinion. It is a toxic stew of socialist ideas that has been simmering for decades and is now at the boiling point. Left-wing professors are turning up the heat by ignoring historical facts and indoctrinating students with false propaganda. These Marxist-leaning professors are trampling on the truth and spreading anti-American views that are harming our students.

This dangerous and hypocritical intolerance is unleashing anger, hatred, and violence aimed at anyone who disagrees with the radical leftist ideology. The primary targets for their anger include whites and white males, Christian students, and those who hold fast to a belief in America’s founding principles.

This intolerance didn’t originate on our college campuses, however. It can be traced back to the diversity training program for K-12 educators called Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity (SEED) where the seeds for this radical intolerance were planted many years ago.

SEED was founded in 1987 by self-described feminist Dr. Peggy McIntosh. Dr. McIntosh was one of the speakers at the 6th SEED Summit held in 2003 at the University of Minnesota. She commented, “The Republicans have a plan to control the world—an unabashed plan for world control by the U.S. The extreme emphasis on patriotism is an attempt by Republicans to keep control.” Dr. McIntosh added,

“The flag as it’s presented to us, conjures values I don’t share.” Her anti-American values are woven throughout the SEED book selections and materials that are distributed to educators who sign up for the SEED monthly book discussions in individual school districts all across this country.

Lies My Teacher Told Me, by James W. Loewen, is a popular SEED book that gives a distorted view of American history. My SEED class read it in 2003. One teacher in the class concluded from the book that Americans are “the world’s most irresponsible and dangerous citizens.” My SEED leader added: “We are seen sometimes as terrorists ourselves.”

One teacher questioned the use of this book and asked, “Wouldn’t we be teaching kids that America is bad?” My SEED leader replied, “Well, we have to tell the truth.”

The truth is that SEED is intentionally misrepresenting American history and undermining our great American values and religious heritage. SEED-trained educators go on then to fulfill SEED’s goal of bringing about social change in America through education. As a result of SEED, K-12 school books and resources are being infused with left-wing social justice and pro-LGBT books and materials. Opposing viewpoints are censored or suppressed and the vigorous exchange of ideas that is intrinsic to education is silenced or labeled ‘hate-speech.’

SEED has transformed the thinking of SEED-trained teachers who, in turn, have been quietly transforming the thinking of their students. This on-going effort is described in SEED materials as “transforming the mainstream.”

The seeds of social change were planted years ago and now we are reaping a dangerous harvest of discontent and anti-American hostility.

The SEED Report (PDF)
Barb Anderson’s 22 page report, published 16 years ago, continues to be just as relevant today!

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