Minnesota’s two-year legislative biennium of 2023/2024 was a horror show that revealed two very significant facts. First, the Democrat controlled legislative actions were so egregious more people were finally astonished to recognize that they really ARE Cultural Marxists who have seized power. Second, many of the newly awakened are joining all of us in resisting them. The latter is a Minnesota milestone and a watershed moment.

The 2024 legislative session cannot be adequately understood by simply reviewing which policies passed and which ones died. Several good overviews have already been written which provide some of that information, but it will literally take weeks or months to unearth what was actually done. That’s because during the last minutes of session, the legislature rammed through most of their agenda in a 1432-page omnibus bill that nobody had access to or were given a chance to read. To borrow a phrase from Rep. Nancy Pelosi, we “won’t know what’s in it,” until long after it has been passed into state law.

The 2024 session must be understood in the context of the entire biennium which was an orchestrated consequence of the November 2022 election. Everything that happened is downstream of that election. The people who are now wielding unfettered power in Minnesota are not a representative government but a regime that seized power to move their cultural revolution forward at all costs. Keep that in mind as we review some of the specifics of the session.

Omnibus Tax Bill

The Omnibus bill was rushed through a conference committee after adding at least eight other bills to it. From there it was rushed to the House floor. At that point in the process, no debate or amendments are allowed. There was no access to the bill, either in print or online. All parliamentary procedures, which exist to protect the minority voice in a civil society, were abandoned and the bill passed on a strictly party line vote. The House then rushed it over to the Senate where the same debacle took place. This is how a regime operates…not a civil Republic.

Minnesota state government has so fully collapsed, not a single legislator can claim to know what was in that massive piece of legislation that will now rule the lives of Minnesotans.

The Effect of November 2022

Below is a picture of the live voting results from the 2022 Minnesota Governor’s race as it was reported to the major media by Edison Research.

This now-familiar pattern in both the 2020 and 2022 elections is called “Drop and Roll.” Large batches of ballots are dropped in a competitive race. In Minnesota this occurred at 10:10 pm on election night giving Tim Walz a sizeable lead. In every example of “drop and roll,” the ballot dump propels the Democrat candidate into a substantial lead.

“Then after that point, nearly all the batches of ballots recorded in the election were at the same ratio (“roll”),” as reported by the Gateway Pundit. The results follow a clear algorithm for the rest of the night. Genuine election results simply do not follow an exact ratio because voters do not vote in perfect tandem like that. This helps prove those results are not legitimate.

Illegitimate elections have Minnesota navigating unfamiliar political waters. Minnesota politics has endured trifectas before—where a single political party controlled the House, Senate, and Governor. Previous sessions have ended in shouting chaos with bloated omnibus bills passed by the controlling party, but what’s happening now is new. The 2022 election was a power grab to install leaders, the kind of leaders willing to operate without scruples, with utter disregard for rules and procedure, and without listening to the will of their constituents. These legislators are there for the cultural revolution. This is their purpose, and they won’t let anything stop them.

Calling them insane, crazy, or unhinged obscures the fact that Minnesota is under siege by a strategic, revolutionary force. Democrat party leaders and their legislators are its functionaries. Everything can and will be sacrificed for the revolution.

Securing their objectives at all costs!

Last month, the Minnesota Democrat Senate refused to remove one of their Senators charged with felony burglary, Senator Mitchell was their one-vote majority. Their entire legislative objectives hinged on her vote, and they protected her position until they passed their agenda.

As evidence, it wasn’t until immediately after the session on May 30th that the DFL party chair called for her resignation, hypocritically stating “all elected officials should be held accountable,” and calling her a “distraction.” Evidently “accountability” is only important after her vote is no longer useful to them!

As Senate Majority Leader Erin Murphy stated, “The Spectacle will fade but the work will remain.” Speaker of the House Melissa Hortman put it this way, “The Democrats in the Minnesota House of Representatives did what we needed to do to pass our agenda.” Their Agenda…their Marxist agenda. No matter what it took.

Gender Identity/Gender Expression & Abortion Are Key Marxist Agenda Items

Gender Identity and abortion are foundational and strategic issues to the Marxist revolutionary goal to destabilize our children and families.

A central effort in that plan was removing the religious exemption for gender identity discrimination protection from the Human Rights Act. In open legislative hearings, Minnesotans of Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, Lutheran, Muslim, and other faiths were ruthlessly and brazenly disparaged and assaulted. The gender ideologues revealed their intent to criminalize dissenters by openly disparaging and attacking them after they had testified. After great resistance the religious exemption was reluctantly restored.

Another was the constitutional amendment called the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) that thankfully also failed to pass. The ERA would have cemented false gender ideology and extremist abortion policy into the state constitution. It would have removed the constitutional right to the free practice of religion by religious institutions regarding all gender issues. Its demise in the closing legislative chaos is an immense victory.

Both the ERA and Minnesota Human Rights Act had no religious exemption clauses for gender identity and gender expression. Leaders of conscience, of every religious persuasion, arose to inform their members this was a time to stand, to speak, and to resist. Many faith leaders informed the lawmakers that they would not comply with this wrong and unjust law and directed their members to do the same.

Eliminating religion is a fundamental tenet of Cultural Marxism which is why it is another key objective of their revolution. Faith leaders’ guidance and the growing public revolt over the Marxists’ attacks against religious freedom were two of the most significant positive outcomes of the biennium.

Accommodation for religion is hated by Cultural Marxists because the dominant faiths affirm science and biology. No challenges are permitted.

In April, Child Protection League wrote the following, and backed it up with evidence.

The entire narrative supporting gender activism is collapsing worldwide because it is not based upon science nor healthcare. Yet Minnesota schools cling to highly politicized and ideologically driven gender policies that are under intense scrutiny by medical professionals in other countries. Minnesota schools remain utterly tone deaf and are continuing their efforts to force this dangerous and false belief system upon students and the public without real science to back it up.

For now, religious freedom in Minnesota has been preserved; however, we must understand that most of the proposed 2024 ERA constitutional amendment changes concerning gender identity and abortion are already incorporated into state law.

When did this happen? It was during the 2023 session when the radical DFL leaders made Minnesota a national magnet for women seeking abortion up to the moment of birth and a “sanctuary” state for minors to obtain body mutilating gender surgeries. The 2023 majority also criminalized all licensed counsellors from helping young people accept their God given gender. Additionally, they crafted a law which can remove children from parents who do not affirm gender transitions. And there is nothing stopping public schools from their constant indoctrination of children from pre-K on with gender ideology and false Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

The Response

None of these are one-offs. They are all essential objectives of the same plan to transform our state into a Marxist autocracy which is destroying the values and inherent liberties that have made our state and our nation great.

After the 2022 election, we knew this was coming. What we didn’t know was how Minnesotans would respond. In the face of all the terrible legislative damage done to our great state in the last two years by the Cultural Marxists, we are more hopeful and encouraged today than we were one year ago because of the rise of the public resistance.

If we are to survive as a free people and restore the relentless advances against what is right and true, this response must be only the beginning. We need resolve and determination and many more Minnesotans to engage and to understand this threat to our future. May we trust as our Founding Fathers did in Divine Providence to sustain us!

6 June 2024