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Do you know what your kids are reading?

Shockingly, at seven different schools in Eastern Carver County in Minnesota, many books intended for middle school and high school students are overtly obscene and sexually explicit. The pictures and written material inside these books are vulgar and absolutely inappropriate for youth. Calling them ‘pornography’ would be correct.

Minnesota school library shelves across the state contain pornographic books. It’s an extension of the relentless ‘educational’ transformation that is sexualizing and grooming our children.

Even more shocking, defenders of this obscene material think it’s ‘empowering’ for youth to have access to it.

When Eastern Carver County School Board member Ellie Krug was confronted by upset and concerned parents, Krug, who identifies as a trans woman, defended the vulgar books stating:

“If we want to empower our LGBTQ+ students, our students of color, we want to empower our students from marginalized communities, they NEED to be able to read about their history, they NEED to be able to go into the classroom or library in order to read about what it means for them in the history of America. And I am NEVER in favor of taking that away from them. If you don’t want a book in a library, don’t read it.”

This is a very curious and troubling position. Is Krug essentially claiming that a child’s identity is defined by the sexual acts they can practice? Does Krug believe it’s ‘empowering’ for kids to see and read about sexual activity which makes them vulnerable to sexual abuse, sex trafficking and emotional and physical harm? And since when was America’s ‘history’ defined by the sexual acts of the people? Is Krug’s opinion the prevailing view?

Only reprobate minds would even think of exposing children and young teens to pornographic images and call it “empowerment.” It does not empower children. It grooms children. According to the FBI, sexual predators “groom” children with pornographic images and explicit instruction to remove natural defenses.

And we have federal laws stating the same:

There are six common grooming behaviors that every parent needs to recognize. Chaska and Chanhassen schools check one of those behavior boxes for sharing sexually explicit materials with minors. Six Grooming Behaviors.

It’s time the adults stand up to these child groomers.

On January 24, several residents spoke against this child grooming at the Eastern Carver County School Board meeting. Svetlana Kolesnikova, Eastern Carver County resident, firmly voiced her concerns regarding the inappropriate books on our schools’ library shelves. In a 4- minute speech, complete with book examples from our children’s school libraries, Svetlana went through each book one by one and exposed the vulgarity, sexual abuse and exploitation of children within each books’ pages.

Read Alpha News article about the Carver County Schools board meeting.

Svetlana’s suggestion, “Maybe we should use the FCC Guidelines to pick the books for the library in the classroom.”

FCC Guidelines: Obscene, Indecent, or Profane Programming. Although, for the reasons discussed earlier, the Commission is generally prohibited from regulating broadcast content, the courts have held that the FCC’s regulation of obscene and indecent programming is constitutional because of society’s interest in protecting children from potentially harmful programming and supporting parents’ ability to determine the programming their children will be exposed to at home.

Remember in Chaska alone, these books are available in seven school libraries! Meaning there are multiple reprobate minds making obscene material available to minors.

The gloves are completely off. If you find this article uncomfortable, imagine how children feel when they are assaulted and bombarded with sexual images they did not ask to see. Those images can’t be unseen either.

Rise up! If you remain silent, you become complicit in destroying the minds of our children. This is evil to the core and it’s time adults protect all children, confront this evil, and remove it from our schools. And if schools won’t protect the impressionable minds of our children, perhaps it is time for parents to remove their children from the evil. What is more important than protecting the minds of our children?

Below is a list of known predatory children’s books in Carver schools:

  • Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe
  • George by Alex Gino – Breathless by Jennifer Niven
  • Tricks by Ellen Hopkins – Beyond Magenta by Susan Kuklin
  • Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany D. Jackson – Flamer by Mike Curato
  • Fun Home ‘A Family Tragicomic” by Alison Bechdel – Home Going by Yaa Gyasi
  • Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews – Looking For Alaska by John Green
  • What Girls Are Made Of by Elana K. Arnold – Jack of Hearts by Lev A. C. Rosen
  • All Boys Aren’t Blue by George M. Johnson
  • Breathless by Jennifer Niven
  • Beyond Magenta by Susan Kuklin
  • Flamer by Mike Curato
  • Home Going by Yaa Gyasi
  • Looking For Alaska by John Green
  • Jack of Hearts by Lev A. C. Rosen

Warning: Viewer discretion is advised.  This video must not be shown to children. 

The obscenity in the books can be seen in the link below. It is strictly for informational purposes and shows the graphic nature of these books!
Do You Know What’s in Your Child’s Library?  (if a dialog box appears, close it with the x and play the video)

Offending schools in Chaska, MN

  • Chanhassen Middle School
  • Chaska Middle School West
  • Chaska Middle School East
  • Chanhassen High School
  • Chaska High School
  • Bluff Creek Elementary
  • Carver Elementary

This problem is not unique to Carver County Schools. Please investigate your own schools for titles like these. Organize with other parents, take your results before your school board and formally request obscene, vulgar and pornographic books be removed from the shelves immediately.

January 30, 2023