Renée Doyle has been a defender and advocate for children her entire career.

Renée is a 2015 founding Director and the Headmaster of Genesis Classical Academy, a Christian, classical school in Winnebago, Minnesota.

Prior to Genesis, Renée served in Washington, DC as legislative director for Congresswoman Michele Bachman. It was during this time that she first became acquainted with Dr. Judith Reisman who is internationally recognized for exposing the Alred Kinsey studies as fraudulent, pornographic, and sexually abusive to children even as young as five months.

During her time in DC, Renée became the 2013 founding president of the MN Child Protection League, predecessor to the Child Protection League.

In 1996, Renée was elected to and served as a member of the public education Maple River School Board. It was there that she encountered the disturbing and highly offensive materials and curricula that were being used in public schools for her own children. This spurred her on to become a cofounder of the nonprofit Maple River Education Coalition (MREdCo) in 1998 and to serve as its founding President. In 2003, MREdCo transitioned to EdWatch. EdWatch was the primary grassroots organization responsible for the 2003 repeal of Minnesota’s radical education prototype, the Profile of Learning.

Renée holds a BA from Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato, Minnesota, and a Masters of Letters in Organizational Leadership and Research from Oxford Graduate School.

Renée and her husband Guy have three children and eleven grandchildren.