Minnesota has become the epicenter of the battle between tyranny and liberty. The Minnesota legislature has criminalized the exercising of our religious freedom. They have targeted our God-given rights which have been Constitutionally protected for over 250 years.

 The First Amendment to the United States Constitution reads as follows:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Our right to freedom of speech, religion, belief, thoughts, and the right to exercise them publicly and privately are unalienable, granted to each of us by our Creator, not by government. Not by man. Our Founding Fathers understood that rights “granted” by government are rights government can revoke at will. Permitting government to be the arbiter of our rights is the foundation of tyranny. Our very Declaration of Independence, often referred to as the American Creed, states clearly “that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men.” All other rights rest upon our fundamental God-given rights.

Minnesota Democrats have created that tyrannical foundation, and they are not backing down. They claim power and authority that is greater than God’s.

The Democrat majority have exposed their allegiance to a radical political and social agenda —hatred of freedom, reality, and truth and, frankly, common sense. This radical gender ideology is built upon feelings, not reality, and they will not permit it to be challenged. Therefore, they must silence and exclude anyone and any belief that does not affirm the false and destructive narrative of DEI “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” They sincerely hate the truth and want to prevent anyone from hearing it.

As CPL has consistently stated, the carefully crafted phrases and words describing DEI do not mean what you think they mean. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion “work” in only one direction. “Diversity” is forced conformity. “Equity” is discrimination. “Inclusion” is exclusion. DEI is an all-out assault on people of faith, children, and the very basics of science and truth.

The freedom to exercise religion is under multiple attacks at the Minnesota legislature.  In this update, we will address two of the most recent attacks.

Human Rights Act Missing Religious Exemption

First, in 2023, the radical Democrat trifecta, drunk with power, created and passed a separate category of “gender identity” into the Human Rights Act with no corresponding religious exemption. Up to that point, gender identity was covered under the definition of “sexual orientation” which had a robust, clearly stated exemption for religious institutions. This exemption has been in effect since 1993 when sexual orientation was first included as a protected status for human rights discrimination. The new 2023 law launched their declaration of war on freedom of religion in Minnesota.

Assuming the missing language was a mistake, Rep. Harry Niska (R-Ramsey) introduced in this session an amendment to fix this egregious violation of First Amendment rights; however, that amendment was rejected by every Democrat on that committee. In fact, during the February 29th hearing, the chair of the House Judiciary Finance and Civil Law Committee made it clear that the omission wasn’t an oversight (see video click below). Others also made it clear that their intent was to persecute some faith communities.

Leaders from Jewish, Catholic, Protestant, and Islamic faith communities respectfully testified in favor of the proposed Amendment to the Human Rights Act. They strongly believe their fundamental, deeply held, and constitutionally protected religious beliefs regarding human sexuality should be respected.

Several legislators launched into hyperbolic screeds against the testifiers, claiming their religious beliefs were “bigoted,” “disturbing,” “appalling,” and “infuriating,” and that the amendment was an excuse for “hatred.” One even expressed outrage against the testifiers claiming they were trying to erase trans people…erase their very right to exist.

The hypocrisy of this statement shouldn’t be lost on anyone. The only people trying to erase anyone are the Democrats trying to silence the voices of those who want their religious beliefs protected! It is they who are trying to erase any vestige of thought, religion, and opposition to their ideology. It is totalitarian in every way. No testifier wished to “erase” anyone but only that the law must protect religious freedom.

Then on Tuesday, March 19 in the wee hours of the morning, the Senate Judiciary Committee also refused to restore religious freedom in Minnesota. Listen to the gripping discussion and testimony beginning at 6 hours, 12 minutes, and 42 seconds.

Equal Rights Amendment

The second major front in the Minnesota Democrat Party’s war against religion is found in the proposed Minnesota Constitutional Amendment (SF37), euphemistically called the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). SF37 inserts into the Minnesota Constitution that all forms of gender identity, sexual orientation, and abortion rights are protected. What the amendment excludes, however, is protection for religious freedom. The gender radicals intend to put this amendment on the ballot in the November 2024 election.

If this ERA passes the legislature, and if Minnesota voters vote yes, religious totalitarianism will be embedded into Minnesota’s Constitution.

The proposed language for this Constitutional Amendment reads as follows:

All persons shall be guaranteed equal rights under the laws of this state. The state shall not discriminate against any person in intent or effect on account of race, color, national origin, ancestry, disability, or sex, including but not limited to pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes and reproductive freedom, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.


In both situations, religious organizations are directly targeted.

As of 2023, Minnesota law prohibits and criminalizes religious organizations, churches, schools, businesses, non-profits, ministries, and individuals from acting on religious beliefs regarding human sexuality. In practice, this means, among other things, that the state can legally require those listed above to hire a transgender person as its religious education director, or that Christian schools and churches can be required to teach that gender is beyond the binary. It will impact speech by enforcement of pronouns and recognition of “identities” as well.

The law as it stands today, and as it will stand in our Constitution if the “ERA” passes, also removes legal protection for women and girls from biological males invading their bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, hotel rooms and competing against them in sports. Female athletes are already being robbed of athletic opportunities and physically hurt and endangered by male athletes. All of that is now “legal.” In fact, by ignoring biological reality, the gender radicals are erasing the rights of half the population – women and girls.

Many years ago, GLSEN (the Gay Lesbian Straight Educational Network) stated that their chief goal was to “silence” all opposition to their objective of normalizing LGBTQ. Their boldness was shocking and “too soon” and they deceptively became more strategic and nuanced in how they framed their objectives.

Today, the gender activist goals are littered with words like inclusion, love, safe, and welcoming that instantly define anyone who disagrees as an exclusionary person and a hater. But their goal remains the same… silencing all opposition.

Gender activists are masters of projection and gaslighting. They are clearly doing exactly what they accuse the faith community of doing—discriminating against and excluding people of faith and all those thrown into the category of oppressors. Deconstructing language is a primary tactic of Cultural Marxists because language shapes culture. Marxists subscribe to this fundamental tenet, “If you can change how children think and speak you will create social change.” By social change they mean revolution.

What Must We Do?

We in Minnesota are living in perilous times. Each of us must decide our course of action and how we can help. The 2023 law already passed. If a rectifying amendment is not passed this year, and if the ERA amendment does pass, every Minnesota citizen, young and old, will be impacted.

The amendment to restore the religious exemption in the Minnesota Human Rights Act protecting religious organizations and faith-based schools against claims of gender identity discrimination will again be introduced when the House and the Senate bring the bill up on the House and the Senate floors, perhaps as part of a larger omnibus bill. At those times, every Minnesota House member and every Minnesota Senator will have to vote on record either for religious freedom or against it.

So, this is the time to hold them accountable. Any legislator who opposes this amendment becomes responsible for starting a totalitarian war on the fundamental, unalienable human right to practice our faith, enshrined in our Constitution.

If the amendment is not adopted, be prepared for lawfare against your school, business, church, or yourself. This very email from Child Protection League Action could be interpreted as a human rights violation of discrimination against gender identity, because we insist that there are only two genders–male and female. The Minnesota legislative majority is clearly operating outside the United States Constitution and their actions will be challenged. But not until their targets have either complied or have been stripped of their reputations, money, resources, and time. In Canada, pastors are already being imprisoned for speaking the truth about marriage and gender.

Please contact all of your legislators. Connect with your friends, your clergy and your schools. Ask them to share this information and to call their legislators.

Stand Firm

If the amendment is not adopted, will you comply? Will you, your schools, your organizations, and your church speak and teach what they know is false because the law tells them they must? These questions must be considered as you determine what next steps to take.

Do not cave to lawlessness. You have been granted the privilege to be here for such a time as this. Remarkable times are ahead. We must all resolve to stand against tyranny. And we will be right there with you on the front lines.

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March 21, 2024