Feds Mandating Boys in Girls’ Bathrooms

Missed the Briefing?
The recorded briefing from Thursday, February 22, 2024 is linked for you below.
The Child Protection League hosted Eileen O’Connor representing the Network to Stop Title IX Biden Regulations. She is the former Assistant Attorney General for the DOJ’s Tax Division and served on the Trump Presidential Transition Team.

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Child Protection League is a member of the national Network, groups organized to oppose these proposed Title IX regulations, 68 Groups Endorse Appropriations Plan to Trim Controversial Title IX Provisions from Department of Education.

News stories of the pending Title IX regulations have exploded in the last few days! Parents, schools, administrators, legislators, school board members, non-public schools, and post-secondary institutions are learning that the U.S. Department of Education’s Title IX final regulations, poised to be released in late March, intend to force full gender ideology into every educational institution in the nation that takes any federal money.

When Congress passed the Title IX law in 1972, sex was clearly defined as meaning either male or female. Title IX was added to the federal civil rights laws to provide women equal access and equal treatment and to end “sex” discrimination in education.

The new Biden administration regulations would expand “sex” to mean “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.

What action can still be taken in the next few weeks to oppose the new regulations?

Please understand that this fundamental reinterpretation of the meaning of the word “sex” mandates schools and colleges that receive any federal funding to completely affirm and integrate sexual orientation and gender identity throughout their schools’ programs, policies, and curriculum. It will impact every state. It would be federally enforced. There are no religious exemptions. Minnesota is already bearing the brunt of these false and destructive policies. This federal mandate will override Minnesota voters’ right to change our state laws.

The new U.S. Department of Education’s Title IX regulation would also:

  1. Allow schools to become zones of gender indoctrination.
  2. Impose Soviet-style disciplinary procedures on falsely accused male students.
  3. Curtail free speech under the pretext of stopping sexual harassment.
  4. Force compliance with pronoun mandates.
  5. Mandate schools to allow biological males to participate in women’s sports.
  6. Encourage children and youth to change their gender without the knowledge of their parents.
  7. Allow boys into girls’ locker rooms, showers, and bathrooms.

Many states have passed laws to ban such assaults on our children. By simple regulatory action of appointed bureaucrats, the federal government intends to override the authority of duly elected state legislators and governors.

How will our sovereign states respond if these regulations are accepted?
Attorneys General to DOE: We will “fight your proposed changes to Title IX with every available tool in our arsenal.”

Will Florida lead the way?
DeSantis Accuses Biden of Quietly Planning to ‘Impose Gender Ideology on K-12 Schools
“They are trying to impose this under administrative rule. They don’t have the authority to do it, and in Florida, we will not abide by it.”

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