During the last three years we had a front row seat watching how quickly our government became tyrannical when it had the chance. It also proved how FEAR is a powerfully effective tactic designed to turn friends, family, and neighbors against each other. These are things we must never forget and must never allow to happen again.

The things inflicted upon the American public were a horror show. Every action the government enforced was draconian and harmful. Healthy people were isolated from each other, mandated to “shelter in place” and not to gather with family or others. Hotlines were set up for people to report on their neighbors. People were jailed for breaking the “rules.” Government crushed the middle class by closing their “non-essential” businesses.

The elderly were denied family support and advocacy, and untold thousands suffered and died alone. Hospitals banned family from the bedsides of their loved ones. Schools and churches were closed. Kids lost two years of learning behind masks and zoom and mental health issues and suicides skyrocketed. Kids were terrified they might “kill” Grandma and Grandpa if they hugged them. Effective treatment protocols were censored or taken off the shelves.

And everybody was gaslit that the only way out was through the new and experimental “safe and effective” Covid 19 “vaccines.” Hundreds of millions of people were ruthlessly forced to choose between keeping their jobs or taking a risky shot with an unknown safety profile, a new kind of “experimental” formula with no long-term safety data. People were coerced without informed consent.

But some unexpected bright spots rose out of the “pandemic,” well-deserved skepticism about the entire childhood vaccination schedule and whether Big Pharma and the three letter agencies are really protecting our children’s health and safety.

Trust in Big Pharma and our government has never been lower. The Covid experience taught us that these “vaccines” are far from “safe and effective” and have caused more documented injuries and deaths than the previous 30 years of all vaccines combined. Yet these shots continue to be sold to the public as “safe and effective.”

We learned that many voices like the Great Barrington Declaration sounded early alarms but were censored and maligned.

We learned that physicians were incentivized to vaccinate.

We learned that many like Gov. Walz offered incentives (also known as bribes) to minors to vaccinate.

We learned there really is a strong link between vaccines and autism, but the information has been aggressively suppressed by agencies with multi-billion-dollar budgets that are heavily subsidized by Big Pharma.

We learned that mainstream media has been compromised through the massive advertising dollars it takes in from Big Pharma not to question the government or pharma narratives.

We learned that both the numbers and the rate of children being medicated for asthma, autism, ADD, ADHD, and allergies skyrocketed under the “leadership” of Dr. Fauci.

We learned that cardiac arrests and cardiac deaths dramatically increased among athletes and children since the Covid 19 shots rolled out.

But despite the official censorship of real data, nothing could stop the flood of information that digital warriors persisted in sharing. People of great courage pierced the iron wall of censorship and became a powerful digital army on new platforms. Nothing could stop what Americans were seeing with their own eyes.

The Covid debacle and campaign of lies are two powerful reasons parents are questioning the official narrative about childhood vaccines. Vaccination rates continue to drop. Kindergarten exemptions are at an historic high.

One remarkable book, Turtles All The Way Down published by Children’s Health Defense, has helped expose the lies. The book documents, with scholarly, foot noted, and scientific analysis, how childhood vaccines have been “trialed” and “approved” for the childhood vaccination schedule for decades. You will be as shocked to learn that no childhood vaccine on the schedule today was ever tested against what most would consider a true “placebo.” To us, placebo means saline or some other inert solution that has nothing in it.

Instead, the “entire vaccine program” has worked like this: When a next generation vaccine was created, it was tested against its previous version or some other vaccine with a similar safety profile. It was never tested against an inert or neutral solution like pure saline. New vaccines are “trialed” against other vaccines! This practice sets the stage for a “similar” rate of adverse events, and “facilitates the formation of a false safety profile.” If vaccinated arms were tested against unvaccinated arms (i.e. saline), then we’d have a more accurate picture of the real adverse event profile. Instead, we have vaccine “safety” profiles built on the backs of “turtles” all the way down. (“Turtles” refers to the ancient myth that the world is supported by a huge turtle.)

As the book points out on page 66, “Would a safety trial for a new cigarette have any credibility at all if the ‘control’ group consisted of subjects who smoked a different kind of cigarette?” The obvious answer is a resounding NO.

We encourage and urge our readers to investigate this author’s information for yourself. Follow and consult with trusted sources. Connect the dots. Be willing to go where the facts take you.

As stated in Turtles All the Way Down on page 52, “Vaccine trials in general, and childhood vaccine trials specifically, are purposely designed to obscure the true incidence of adverse events of the vaccine being tested.”

The author has provided a link summarizing the Childhood Vaccine Clinical Trials and also note pages 72-83.

It is time 

November 29, 2023