Minnesota Democrats have introduced bills which would significantly expand their aggressive agenda and fixation with stripping parents of their rights and primary roles as the legal authorities to direct medical decisions for their children.

One of them establishes schools as the health care provider for children.

School Health Services HF 2037 / SF 2256

The House has scheduled a hearing for HF 2037 in the Education Policy Committee this Wednesday, March 22.

In this bill, Democrats expand the state’s already significant authority-overreach over students’ health care. It would fortify and increase the barriers that families already encounter in directing their children’s health care in the schools.

HF 2037 would define the following “health services” into statute:

  • Health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, and health equity. (Equity measures racial group outcomes and, with no objective evidence, defines racial bias as the cause of all disparities.)
  • Individual health care planning for students with chronic conditions: administering and managing medication and health procedures.
  • Coordination with teachers to ensure students are safe at school. (Experience tells us that “safe schools” is woke cover language for gender identity and sexual orientation affirmation.)
  • Health referrals. (These referrals most certainly will include covid shots, birth control and abortion services, hormone treatments, counselling for gender and sexual orientation issues, and mental health referrals.)
  • Provide “population health services” in coordination with public and private health providers.

What are “population health services?” According to the CDC’s definition, ”population health services” are partnerships between public health, industry, academia, and local government entities of all kinds with the broad, unspecific goals “for change to happen locally” and “to achieve positive health outcomes.” What exactly are the changes? Who defines those changes? Will some new unelected and appointed “joint powers board” drive local school policy?

The past three years have been hard learning experiences for families. Schools have been blatantly hostile toward their parental authority! We can’t forget that last session’s Parents’ Bill of Rights was vigorously opposed because it would NOT permit schools to withhold from parents “information relating to the minor child’s health, well-being, and education.”

Families should be skeptical! We already have plenty of evidence to consider. Since schools began pushing Transformational Education, rather than academics, educational outcomes have spiraled downward.

HF 2037 requires every district and charter school to hire or to share access with at least one licensed school nurse to provide their stated statutory health services.

Schools already provide health classes. Why do health promotion, disease prevention, and health maintenance subjects become a mandate to hire nurses in every school?

HF 2037 also allows schools to outsource these “health services” to “a public or private health organization or another public agency.” Some schools are reportedly discussing establishing contracts with the Mayo Health System which moves children further and further away from their parents. Who runs Mayo? Who would drive Mayo health policy? It certainly isn’t the locally elected school board. Please understand: Mayo is joined at the hip with the CDC and the World Health Organization. During the mismanagement of Covid 19 protocols, we all experienced how these organizations weaponized health protocols against us. They relentlessly pushed the dangerous Covid shot, too…in fact, they still do. Is this a system we want our children plugged into? With no parental oversight?

HF 2037 continues to sideline parents’ proper and constitutional authority over their children. It also undermines the authority of locally elected school boards and charter schools which are supposed to operate through the lens of local citizens.

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A second bill, on its way, establishes a new Department of Children, Youth & Families.
HF 2320 / SF 240