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December 1, 2014 (888) 538-3188

MSHSL Transgender Proposal Unfair & Unsafe to All Students

Child Protection League Action (CPLAction) launched a media campaign informing the public that the Minnesota State High School League’s (MSHSL) proposed transgender policy is dangerous and unfair to all Minnesota MSHSL member athletes.

With only days remaining until the MSHSL decides its policy, CPLAction has taken out ads in many newspaper across the state, including the state’s largest paper, the Star Tribune, informing parents, families, taxpayers and elected officials that the pending vote will put all students at risk. The ads urge people to contact the MSHSL Board Members.

The ads state that the pending policy would force member schools to allow transgender students to choose their gender team, locker rooms, showers, bathroom facilities, and hotel accommodations. “Student bodily privacy, safety, dignity, and the future of athletics are at stake.”

“It is insanity,” stated Renée Doyle, CPLAction President, “that the public is being misled about what’s coming. This policy is not safe for any child, including gender-confused children. Keeping the biological genders separate in intimate, private settings, and protecting them from competing against each other, is simple respect for everyone. Minnesota moms and dads did not ask for this policy. Parents should not have to put their children at such great risk in order to participate in sports.”

Doyle pointed out that all students deserve respect, and that transgender students are currently able to fully participate in athletic programs. But no federal or state law mandates that they be given the right to choose their team. Such a policy discriminates against all other students. Federal and state laws actually protect the right of schools to establish separate biological teams.

“The MSHSL has been claiming that this policy is just a recommendation,” stated Doyle “and that the schools will set the policy. In fact, the policy is a mandate on local schools that may not rule transgender students ineligible to play on teams of their opposite biological gender. Schools are burdened with the impossible task of determining if transgender students’ feelings are ‘sincerely held.’”

CPLAction points out that children will be forced to deny science and reality and accept the absurdity that biological boys are not boys and that their female feelings make them “real girls.” Yet research shows that 70% – 80% of children who expressed transgender feelings spontaneously lost those feelings by the time they were adults.

“Using Minnesota athletics to accomplish a social and political agenda is reprehensible. It is wrong to manipulate children this way.”

Child Protection League Action is a Minnesota non-profit corporation that works to protect children from exploitation, indoctrination and violence.


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