The Democrat Party gained complete control of the Minnesota legislature in the highly questionable 2022 election. They immediately positioned themselves as the Party of Death.

Their first order of business in 2023 was to target children for death by codifying into law, a “right” to abortion up to the moment of birth without restrictions of any kind. They removed all protections for babies born alive after attempted abortions. If one reviews past reports to the legislature, babies do sometimes survive these brutal assaults on their lives. Now, no life-giving help is required in our state for the youngest, least protected, and most vulnerable among us. Minnesota passed some of the most extreme abortion laws in the world.

Then the Democrat controlled legislature moved on to targeting minors. They passed legislation which extended “gender affirming care” to children not only in Minnesota but from all over the country, ignoring the laws of other states which prohibit these barbaric procedures. “Gender affirming care” for gender confused children is an Orwellian “healthcare” euphemism that is neither healthy nor safe for children. Minnesota offers gender confused children affirmation-only counseling, life altering drugs, and body mutilating surgeries as “healthcare.” In Minnesota, parents can lose custody of their children if they object. “Gender affirming care” has exploded into a booming and lucrative Minnesota industry.

The Democrats are busy enshrining into law a godless philosophy that views humans as meaningless entities in a meaningless universe. Children have no intrinsic value. Children are merely disposable wards of the state. This worldview currently rules Minnesota state government.

Ideas have consequences. Life and death consequences. Massive life and death consequences.

This preoccupation with destruction and death is once again on full display.

The 2024 legislative session will convene on February 12th. Their first order of business is targeting adults for assisted suicide. So urgent is this matter to them that the House Health Finance and Policy Committee called a highly unusual pre-session hearing on Thursday, January 26th for a bill HF1930 to legalize physician assisted suicide. The bill has 24 Democrat and no Republican authors.

This legislation turns health care workers into killers, rather than healers and, like abortion, their only offer of help is death.  While HF1930 appears to have some limits, this legislation will normalize assisted suicide and eventually expand far beyond its original scope. Death promoters always encroach incrementally. Always.

We can see where this law is heading by simply looking at Canada. Canada passed Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) in 2016 to decriminalize doctors and nurse practitioners helping people to kill themselves if the patients’ deaths are “reasonably foreseeable.” Since then, almost 50,000 Canadian citizens have died at the hands of their own government medical system. The chart below shows a startling growth rate averaging 31.2% in MAID deaths since it began.

The Canadian courts ruled that MAID must be accessible to everyone, so the Parliament expanded MAID in 2021 to include people “whose death is not reasonably foreseeable.”

The red in 2021 and 2022 are Canadians who died using MAID who were not expecting natural death any time soon. That growth rate appears to be taking off too. Who are these people? What options were they offered? Canadians who are merely depressed, fearful, or lonely are being “helped” to die too.

This is where the death cult takes us – killing people in distress by offering and providing death and calling it “assistance.”

The next chart shows the reasons people chose death in 2022. Notice that roughly a third of them chose death because they were a “burden” – over half for “losing dignity.” Those in despair, those feeling demeaned and disrespected, are offered death, not genuine help. Just like a pregnant mother in distress, the state offers death for her child rather than genuine help.

When a “right” to die or a “right” to abort is created, that “right” quickly morphs into a “duty” to die, or a “pressure” to abort. Vulnerable people are reduced to mere burdens, not valued lives to cherish, support, and serve in their times of need. Choosing life is considered a selfish act in the elites’ New World Order. Justifying the elimination of “burdensome” people by killing them dehumanizes their lives and the living. History has proven time and again, it opens the door for the future extermination of unapproved populations. If human life is not honored, protected, and supported, our culture quickly spirals into barbarism. That’s where this legislation will inevitably lead.

“Mature Minors”

When Canada expanded MAID to cover those suffering from mental health disorders, the death charts spiked. Even more alarming, the Canadian Parliament wants to expand MAID to “mature minors.”

A report by the Canadian Parliament promoting MAID states that “the will of a minor who is found to have the requisite decision-making capacity” (in the eyes of the state, of course) should “ultimately take priority” over the consent of the parents. Anyone with basic understanding of brain development in young people recognizes that the idea of “mature minors” choosing death or life is horrific. It’s akin to letting the suicidal or mentally ill patient dictate their plan of care. It is illogical and evil.

The consequences will be a killing field of young people! Canadian youth, like American youth are in crisis. They are experiencing mental health issues, loneliness, suicide ideation, and substance abuse at record levels. Make no mistake, these laws are expanding with no end in sight. It will be government genocide against its own citizens.

In fact, as of March 17, 2024, “People suffering solely from a mental illness will be eligible for MAID”. Will this extend to “mature minors” too?

Minnesota’s Party of Death passed many egregious pieces of legislation against children in 2023. Child Protection League itemized many of them, MN Legislative History 2023. Another great resource for that information is Three Legislative Updates all MN Parents Need to Know!.

On February 12th, they are back in session and starting early with this top-priority hearing before they even open. Death is their agenda. They are clearly playing catch-up with Canada. We are targets and our children are targets.

January 28, 2024