NEW BILL: Requires Vaccines & Covid Shots for Babies & Toddlers
Removes Exemptions for Day Care

A new bill HF367 has been introduced in the Minnesota House that appears to support vaccine conscientious exemptions but allows daycare facilities to reject them. This bill exempts daycare facilities from honoring conscientious exemptions by allowing them to adopt their own immunization policies which can include prohibiting the enrollment of infants and toddlers who have not been immunized.

The bill strips away the current right to conscientious exemptions from vaccines for ALL children in licensed day care facilities that require vaccines thereby legalizing medical discrimination against the youngest members of our society.

This legislation conveniently coincides with the timing of Governor Walz’ administration’s imminent compliance with the CDC’s adoption of the covid shot to the childhood vaccination schedule.

The language of the bill leaves in place the list of exemptions from immunizations, which would apply to children IN SCHOOLS ONLY. But the same exemptions are REMOVED for day-care aged children enrolled in licensed childcare centers or cared for by a family licensed childcare provider.

Note the proposed HF367 bill below. New language is underlined. Other language is current law. Red text is added emphasis.

1.17 (d) If a notarized statement signed by the minor child’s parent or guardian or by the

emancipated person is submitted to the administrator or other person having general control

and supervision of the school or child care facility stating that the person has not been

immunized as prescribed in subdivision 1 because of the conscientiously held beliefs of the

parent or guardian of the minor child or of the emancipated person, the immunizations

specified in the statement shall not be required. This statement must also be forwarded to

the commissioner of the Department of Health. This exemption does not apply to a child

care center licensed under chapter 245A and Minnesota Rules, chapter 9503, and a family

child care provider licensed under chapter 245A and Minnesota Rules, chapter 9502. A

child care center or family child care provider may adopt a policy prohibiting a child over

the age of two months who has not been immunized in accordance with subdivision 1 and

Minnesota Rules, chapter 4604, from enrolling or remaining enrolled in the child care center

or the family child care program.

HF367 is a ‘bait and switch.’
Since so many working parents currently utilize licensed daycare, most parents will be forced to allow their babies and toddlers to be injected with every vaccine the state demands, including the extremely controversial covid shot. By the time children reach kindergarten age, most of them will have already been driven into compliance, and at that point, school exemptions become meaningless.

Forced covid shots on babies and toddlers is the barely concealed agenda. Don’t be fooled by the strategy!

Covid Shot Failure
The colossal failure of the covid injections have made families extremely skeptical of their safety and efficacy…especially for their children. Additionally, rushed approval by the CDC and FDA despite the mountains of data and the triggering of 770 safety signals has only added to growing skepticism of the entire childhood vaccination schedule.

From Dr. Mercola’s analysis of the CDC safety data:

Children have never been at risk of Covid 19. Their only real ‘risk’ has been a 99.99% survival rate! For healthy children, the virus is a mild cold. And according to the CDC, most children are already immune.

The same cannot be said of the Covid shots for children. Dr. Paul Alexander has identified 5 devastating aspects of the covid gene injection as it relates to children specifically:

“i)There are significant adverse effects from the covid gene injection (mRNA & DNA platforms) e.g. bleeding, blood clotting, myocarditis, paralysis, anaphylaxis etc. including death

ii)There is clear evidence that the covid gene injection (mRNA & DNA platforms) drives original antigenic sin, viral immune escape, and immune fixation, priming; We are seeing clear evidence of original antigenic sin (I call the sin ‘mortal’ given there is no reversal of the initial primed response), viral immune escape, immune tolerance, immune fixation/prejudicing/imprinting. There is also the risk of antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (and of disease) and pathogenic priming.

iii)There is substantial risk that the antigen-specific ‘high-affinity’ vaccine induced antibodies subvert and sideline, outcompete the broadly protective lower-affinity innate antibodies of the naïve innate immune system of the young child that needs training and education as the maternal antibodies wane. This sets the child up for auto-immune disease as the training to recognize ‘self’ from ‘non-self’ (& nuances self-like, self-mimicking) components in the child is subverted (this involves sub-optimal training of the natural killer cells (NK))”

The UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) began tracking the Risk Ratio (RR). (Any RR greater than 1 means it is far riskier to take the covid shot than to remain unvaccinated.) After the data showed it was far riskier to take the Covid19 shot than to remain unvaccinated, they quietly stopped tracking the RR in May 2022.

This chart shows “all-cause mortality” deaths among the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated. The data shows the more shots people had, the higher RR of dying from “all causes.” The US remains one of a handful of countries still pushing the Covid19 shot on babies and toddlers. Most nations have banned or repealed Covid 19 vaccine mandates for children…and even adults.

So far, the CDC has not been forthcoming with data. The following chart if from the ONS:

In the past few years, childcare providers with no legal authority, have been implementing policies that require vaccinations with no exemptions allowed. According to reports, the Minnesota Department of Health has been “encouraging” providers to decline immunization exemptions. As a result, most childcare providers are currently not honoring exemptions. HF367 would give them legal cover to do so just as the mRNA shot is added to the vaccine schedule.

The Slippery Slope
HF367 is a first step to eroding Minnesota’s robust conscientious objection which has long protected Minnesotans and children from putting something into their bodies against their will. If HF367 passes, the next step is attempting to extend this principle to all school aged children, K-12, which will ultimately impact ALL children – public, charter, private and homeschooled.

If we cannot control the substances that are injected into our bodies – or into the bodies of our children – we are no longer free.

HF 367 and its Senate companion SF610 must NOT pass. Call your State Representative and State Senator to urge them to protect our youngest and most vulnerable members of society from harm and vote NO on HF 367 and SF 610.

Plan now to attend the Minnesotans for Health and Medical Freedom rally on February 2, 2023 at 2 p.m. in the Rotunda! Consider calling your Representative and Senators to set up in person meetings with them beforehand.

Finally, speaking of children, a very important Stand for Life event in our community is scheduled for Saturday, February 18, 2023!  The event will also be lived streamed at this link: Stand for life livestream event – YouTube