July 2017

The MN Department of Education (MDE) is run by people who are a danger to our children and an offense to parents, taxpayers, and the public. There is no polite way to say it. The gender ideology ‘guidance’ coming out of the MDE does not promote the safety and well-being of children. The gender ‘guidance’ they promote is actually harmful to ALL children. Just review for a moment the ‘educational’ materials they are promoting:

Exhibit A: The MDE released its Revised Toolkit June 26, 2017 (PDF). It was drafted behind closed doors and hidden from public scrutiny until CPL posted it on our website. See CPL articles MN Rolls Out Lawless School Gender “Toolkit” and New! Toolkit already used as Ed Department ‘Best Practice’.

The Task Force writing this “best practices” document for Minnesota schools, teachers and administrators is a Who’s Who of gender radical activist groups. These groups believe gender is nothing more than a broad spectrum of feelings. They call the biological evidence that we are either male or female ‘bigotry,’ and they simply reject science. They also believe it is the role of schools to groom our children to accept gender fluidity. See Gender Fluidity and Other Fables video. Common sense recognizes this dangerous and scientifically unfounded ideology for what it is: a massive social experiment on our children.

Exhibit B: Schools In Transition: A Guide for Supporting Transgender Students in K-12 Schools Guidebook (PDF) was written by the National Center for Lesbian Rights and Gender Spectrum. The MDE recommends it as a resource “for schools, educators, students, families and community members.” We have published a thorough critique of the guidebook, A Critical Review of Schools in Transition: A guide for supporting Transgender Students in K-12 schools (PDF).

This guidebook contains biased, inaccurate and harmful information drawn wholly from politically charged organizations pushing a radical social change agenda. It has no place in the public schools. Any school or government agency relying upon or recommending this guidebook is undermining its credibility and perpetrating a dangerous disservice to children and to the public.

Exhibit C: MDE’s Safe Schools Technical Assistance Center (SSTAC) is using radical gender ideology to train teachers, administrators, and the public about what they should be teaching our children about gender. This is one handout they use frequently.

Exhibit D: The January 25, 2017, Minnesota Safe and Supportive Schools Conference introduced a new conduit to embed their radical gender ideology and Islam into schools. CPL article Social & Emotional Learning: Gateway to Islam & LGBT Acceptance. This tool is called Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and will transform traditional academic learning into cultural reeducation. They call it “mapping cultural values,” and it is neatly disguised and packaged as a method for student success. But it is a deceptive and manipulative strategy to change the values, attitudes and beliefs of our children.

Against the Public Will
The public has not been behind the adoption of this destructive ideology. In fact, for the most part, they are woefully unaware their children are targets of such indoctrination. The entire agenda has been inserted silently and imperceptibly without parental knowledge or consent. It has crept into institutions of higher learning and numerous governing bodies. CPL article Strong Majority of MN Voters Say No to Gender Blindness. Education elites believe that “we the people” will not resist this attack on our children. The MDE, along with the U.S. Department of Education (USDOE), assume that because Big Media, such as Katie Couric, the cultural establishment, the National Educational Association (NEA), the American Medical Association (AMA), and the leftist American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have fully embraced this gender ideology, they are safe to spoon feed it to our children.

But they are wrong. A populist and profound uprising is taking place across our land. People don’t trust the cultural elites, and this bogus gender ideology is one important reason why. Don’t expect us to believe that men can become pregnant and breastfeed their babies. Don’t tell us businesses must provide tampons in men’s restrooms. Don’t make our teenage daughters share Target dressing rooms and bathrooms with grown men. Don’t tell us we must call boys ‘girls’ and call it ‘fair’ when they compete as girls and crush the girls in track and other sports! Don’t lie to us and say it’s ‘healthy’ for our teenage daughters to bind their breasts or for our sons and daughters to ingest toxic hormones that will likely leave them sterile and unhealthy for life. And don’t tell us our daughters can safely share hotel rooms with boys who think they are girls during overnight school activities!

Gender activists claim that gender “nonconforming” students are bullied and that schools are obligated to stop the bullying. Few take issue with those statements, though the objectivity of their data is highly questionable. Their solution, however, that all students must accept and affirm gender fluid ideology as normal, is dangerous and a fundamental violation of the rights of all children and all families.

Can transgender students be respected as persons without affirming their identity as normal? Yes, they can. Real respect requires honesty and genuine concern for their long term well-being. These students would greatly benefit from schools that respect the truth about transgender ideology and offer real help to overcome their gender confusion.

Do you know who your school board members and candidates for statewide and local offices are? Have told them how important this is to you? To your children?

There’s an old saying in politics: When I feel the heat, I see the light!

If this is important to you and to your children, YOU must get your friends together and make every single person of responsibility feel the heat. The gender activists are used to bullying elected office holders into silence or complicity. Make sure your representatives know you will stand with them when they have the courage to stand with you and your children. Silence is not an option!