Minnesota Wild’s Pride Night
by Bonnie Gasper

Child Protection League supports people and organizations that promote the health, well-being, safety, and protection of children. Countless athletes and organizations have a long history of supporting hospitals and programs seeking cures for cancer in children, treatments for diseases or helping them experience last ‘wishes’ before an illness takes their life. Many also work to raise public awareness about the horrors of child exploitation, drug use and self-harm.

We could highlight many more wonderful examples, for they all have one thing in common — a clear understanding that the support does not do long term harm to a child. The benefits are clear. The Minnesota Wild’s recent Pride Night is directly contrary to all of these. Money raised through their auctioning off rainbow practice jerseys, pucks and a raffle are directed to the MN Children’s Gender Health Clinic. It is here where children as young as 10 can begin their ‘journey.’ Journey is a euphemism for the clinical and medical intervention attempting to align a child’s outward appearance with how they feel about themselves.

The MN Gender Health Clinic subscribes to the dogma that gender is not two, but many. Gender, they insist, is not fixed or ‘binary’ but a spectrum. It is some combination of biological sex, attraction, identity, and expression. That inevitably leads to an unlimited number of ‘genders’ – all of which we are told we must validate as true. Though these identities are creations of their minds, the only “treatment” is affirmation. Further, we are all directed to affirm it. No matter what. Even though we foresee a train wreck down the road.

FACT: Nobody can change their biological sex. Ever. We can change how we look, but we will never change our DNA.

FACT: Children are not ‘assigned’ a gender at birth. They are born with physical and biological markers that make them male or female. The extremely rare cases of children born with both sex organs used as ‘evidence’ that gender is unknown for ALL children is a straw man argument.

FACT: Putting children on puberty blockers can lead to permanent sterility. (A fact that the Gender Clinic is tacitly admitting when they offer “fertility preservation” as part of their services.)

FACT: Puberty blockers obviously stunt the child’s normal maturity and are “associated with debilitating health risks including heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, cancers and more.”

FACT: Surgical removal of perfectly healthy sex organs is irreversible and creates permanent sterility.

FACT: Fabricating sex organs leaves people with open wounds, scars, and non-functioning appendages.

FACT: The journey to ‘change’ one’s biological sex, conscripts a child to a LIFETIME of medical intervention.

FACT: Gender Reassignment surgery is an exploding and lucrative business.

FACT: Thousands of young people regret their ‘journey’ and are now struggling with the emotional, physical and societal challenges of trying to ‘de-transition’ back to their biological sex. They are missing body parts, have permanently altered appearances, and are struggling with the reality that nobody tried to stop them. Nobody told them the truth. They are seriously hurting.

And therein lies perhaps the most dangerous aspect of all of this. We aren’t allowed to speak the truth about this dangerous journey. Anyone who does is a ‘hater’, doesn’t ‘care about trans kids’ or just wants kids to ‘die by suicide.’

Child Protection League will continue to speak the truth about this issue. The fact that there is an entire field of medicine convincing children they can change their sex raises serious ethical and moral questions that need to be openly discussed in the public square. Families with children struggling with their identity need to FULLY understand the long-term consequences.

Sports teams, with fan bases of young people who idolize them, should never encourage confused children to pursue a false and dangerous hope. Truthfully, it is cruel.

Just play hockey, Wild. Support causes that don’t harm children and families. And stop bowing to the pressure of groups like Twin Cities Pride. If they TRULY were concerned about the health and well-being of all gender confused kids, they would be telling BOTH SIDES of this issue.

May 18, 2022